Got the Dev Blues? 8 Hilarious Social Media Posts for Web Developers

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There are almost 2 billion websites in existence. A massive portion of them were built or aided in some way by professional web developers.

When you see a website online, you probably see a collection of text, images and “buy buttons”. What the trained eye sees is hundreds of hours of coding, crying, and headbanging.

Such is/was the life of the person who built the site on which you stand.

The life of a web developer is often not a glamorous one. In its many faults though, there is a lot of humor to be mined which is the aim of this article.

Below, our team shares with both web developers and non-developers alike funny musings we’ve seen on social media that we think capture developer’s lives perfectly!

1. Browser Woes

“My life as a web designer: Finally find Firefox fix, fix breaks Chrome layout #fuuuuuuu”

There are a handful of major web browsers out there. Most people are on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Explorer.

What a lot of people who don’t create websites don’t understand is that each of these browsers has slightly different ways of reading code which can render different results from the same code block.

How then can web developers create consistent experiences across browsers? A lot of self-loathing and a giga-ton of patience.

We feel like this tweet captures “the feels” accurately and inspires us to not give up.

2. The Magnetism of Crunch Time

“Completing design work for a client on Sunday night while Daredevil runs in the background. Welcome to the life of a web designer, folks.”

There are not many reasons why anybody would be watching the movie Daredevil today. It was a horrendous flick that almost derailed Ben Affleck’s career and put in motion the destruction of Jennifer Garner’s (Anyone see Elektra?… Yikes).

Still, when you’re in crunch time on a website and have the TV on in the background, you’re liable to let just about anything play… Daredevil included.

3. Client Woes

“Life as a web designer…design something, client wants it a different way, client doesn’t like change & asks to switch back to original way.”

Clients are perhaps the hardest part of a web developer’s life. With all of the “build your own website” options that are out there, people who are hiring developers really need to justify the price.

That justification often comes with insane demands being put on devs.

The tweet above captures the all too common occurrence of clients authenticating on unauthenticated work passes like a bad API key…

That was a bad software development joke btw… If you’re looking for more context on API keys, this article can bring you up to speed.

4. Troubleshooting

“Life of a web designer – Trying for hours to get 1 image to fit a certain way on every browser. Cheering when it finally does.”

A massive chunk of time spent on web development is spent troubleshooting problems. Seriously, you could have the core of your site up and running in an hour and spend 4 hours trying to get an image to go “full-width”.

This social media post alludes to the annoyances that stem from troubleshooting browser compatibility.

At least this dev was able to figure their issue out… A lot of times you just have to throw in the towel.

5. Being Glad You’re Out of the Game

“A web designer is meeting a super-picky client beside me. I’m having PTSD flashbacks to my former life. I want to nod grimly in solidarity.”

It’s said that people will experience an average of 12 job changes within their lifetime. The guy who posted the tweet above is glad that he’s no longer building websites…

As we alluded to in a previous point, clients are picky creatures. The web development landscape today has only made matters more severe.

If you’re looking to get into web development, prepare to have a lot asked of you.

6. Getting “Schooled” By Clients

“Client: Did you know that a lot of people are using mobile devices to surf online? Me: No I didn’t know that. #webdesignerlife”

There’s nothing worse than a know it all client. Especially when that client passes the most basic of information off as profound insight.

For the non-developers among this article’s audience, any web developer who has a pulse is aware that people browse the internet from their phones. Even non-developers can confidently state that fact by taking 5 seconds to look around.

Still, even in the face of comments like the one made in this social media post, you have to play nice. A web developer’s gotta eat.

7. Small Things Dominating Your Timeline

“Anyone else feel like the last 8% of a web projects take 90% of the time?”

Yes… We definitely feel that way.

In web development, it’s often the most simple of things that end up breaking, causing cross-browser issues, and doing a number of other things that dominate the majority of your development cycle.

All we can say is thank god for helpful forums like StackExchange. Without the insight of fellow developers readily available online, most of us would be out of work.

8. Keyword Loading

“So this SEO copywriter walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor”

If you’re a web developer, chances are you dabble a little (or a lot) in SEO. This tweet captures the reality of that dabbling in a hilarious way.

Leave it to an SEO copywriter to over describe the place they’re writing for so they can get their client ranked on Google.

Wrapping Up Hilarious Social Media Posts for Web Developers

We hope that our web developers social media quotes above got a laugh out of you and has given you the juice you need to press on with whatever web project you’re hammering away at.

Next time you’re feeling down as a web developer, remember, we feel your pain.

Keep churning out awesome work!

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