DIY Fashion: How to Hem Jeans Like a Professional Tailor

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Are you one of those people who dread shopping for jeans? You’re not alone! Woman and men often have trouble finding jeans that fit right and feel great.

What makes it so difficult to find flattering, well-fitting jeans? Sizing varies from brand to brand and often within a brand from style to style. Inseam options are especially limiting, which can also be a nuisance.

If you have trouble finding the ideal inseam length for your jeans, hemming is a good option. Don’t worry about the perceived difficulty or hassle of hemming jeans. Read on for our simple tips and tricks on how to hem jeans.

Before You Plan How to Hem Jeans, Try Them On

As mentioned earlier, not all jeans are the same, so trying your pair on is a must. This is true of jeans from the same brand and even jeans from the same brand bought on a site like froutlet.com. Plan how you’ll wear your jeans, and try them on along with the shoes you’ll most likely be wearing, too.

Also, take note of the style of your jeans. For example, skinny or tapered jeans usually call for a shorter inseam than wide or bootleg jeans. Consider the entire fit and what the most flattering inseam length will be before moving on to the next step.

Pin and Measure Your New Inseam

Once you know the length you want for your jeans, you can roll up the extra fabric and pin it. Do this on both legs, and be sure to stand up straight when you’re checking the length in the mirror. It can also help to adjust your waistband to be sure the length is right.

Now it’s time to measure your new inseam. Measure from the fold line of what you pinned to the original hemline. Fold the fabric back down, then mark that measurement with pins to show where you’ll want your new hem to end.

Mark Space for the Original Hem Edge and Then Sew

One of the best wardrobe style tips to improve the look of your jeans is to keep your original hem edge. To do this, you’ll want to mark another line right above the measurement for your new hem. This measurement should be double the length of the original hemline, so if it was 1/2 an inch, you’ll measure a full inch.

Remove the lower line of pins and fold your jeans outward so the original hem edge meets the higher line of pins. Pin the fabric in place and make sure it’s even all around.

Stitch right next to the original hem, trim the excess fabric, secure with a top stitch, and you’re done.Master the DIY Jean Hem and More

Knowing how to hem jeans is a great DIY skill to have that can save you money and give you a sense of pride. If you’re looking for even more DIY tips, be sure to browse our blog. We have tips on everything from making a DIY snowglobe to doing your own home decorating on a budget.

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