The Business Of Dressing Up: How To Accessorize Your Business Attire

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Are you looking for inspiration on how to accessorize your work attire?

Let’s be honest, adhering to a business dress code isn’t always the best way to create a unique outfit. For the majority of offices, there are rules and restrictions that outline what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear into the office.

When we spend so much of our precious time at work, we want to look and feel our absolute best. After all, Americans are reported to spend an average of 8.8 hours each day working.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to introduce accessories to improve any workplace outfit. With these accessories, you can still adhere to the dress code while also creating an office look that is unique and true to yourself.

If you’re wanting to upgrade your work attire, you’re going to want to read this. We’re showing our favorite ways to accessorize your work attire and allow your corporate wardrobe to feel more personal.

1. Hosiery

Sure, we may have to adhere to an all-black dress code, but who said we couldn’t get creative with our hosiery?

Paired with a dress, hosiery has the ability to transform an entire outfit while still abiding by the overall dress code. These two items go hand-in-hand so why not take advantage of such a flawless pairing!

Today, there’s such a wide variety of black hosiery available in a number of patterns and prints. From polka dot and pinstripes to transparent and opaque, don’t forget that hosiery can add a touch of personality to any workplace attire.

2. Opt for a Print

Even in the event that a dress code is specified, it doesn’t mean that we can’t opt for a light print now and again.

With a light print, the print is often so minimal that it’s far from overbearing. For many light prints, the print is only visible under a certain light. This makes it a great way to commit to the dress code but still showcase your personal style.

For this, you can opt for a minimally printed dress, lighted printed trousers and anything in between.

3. Bold Eyewear

If you require glasses in a working environment, remember that glasses can achieve more than just helping you see clearly. In fact, glasses today have actually become a popular fashion accessory and are no longer anything to be even slightly hidden.

While minimal and lightweight glasses were popular even a few short years ago, these days bolt eyewear is the go-to. This year, it’s safe to say the bigger the better when it comes to choosing the right glasses!

That being said, don’t be afraid to go with a bold pop of color in your eyewear. At the office, a bold color can transform your workplace attire and add a touch of personality.

4. Waist Belt

If you find yourself sporting dresses throughout the workweek, adding a waist belt is a great way to make your dress pop. This also allows you to wear the same dress often while appearing different with the addition of different belts.

These days, velvet style belts have become the go-to in bright and bold colors such as orange, mustard yellow and red. Because these belts are used so minimally, they are a great investment piece that is sure to last for years to come.

5. Purses and Bags

One of the easiest and most significant ways to add personality to any outfit is with an addition of the perfect bag.

While you may choose to sport a minimal bag after working hours, why not go for something bold and bright for the workweek? This is a seamless way to add a pop of color and zest into an otherwise all-black wardrobe.

6. Briefcases and Portfolios

If you happen to sport and briefcase or a portfolio throughout your workday, why not make it something that speaks to your personal style? In today’s marketplace, work accessories have become even more popular and are readily available.

This is a low-key way to differentiate your work style from your coworkers and even have a little bit of fun throughout the day. As compared to the standard black briefcase, a bold, personal briefcase is the perfect way to show off your personal style.

7. Scarves

Whether in cold weather or hot weather, a scarf is a seamless addition to any workweek outfit!

In hot weather, opt for light scarves that are typically made from silk. These scarves are lightweight and can still remain cool even in extremely hot weather. With the onset of cooler weather, opt for a scarf that is made from wool or a heavier cotton. This can help to keep you warm in the office while also adding to your outfit.

These scarves can be tied around the neck in a number of ways and bring a pop of color to any plain outfit. This is also a great way to make each and every outfit appear differently even with a minimal wardrobe.

In the world of fashion, never underestimate the power of a scarf!

How to Accessorize: Business Edition

Throughout our working lives, it’s safe to say that we spend a significant amount of time at the office. In fact, the average American will spend nearly 1/3 of their lifetime at their workplace.

While logged into office hours, the majority of work environments will enforce a dress code that must be adhered to by all employees. While the severity of this dress code surely varies from workplace to workplace, even a casual dress code can make creating a distinctive wardrobe difficult.

Fortunately, there are simple ways that men and women alike can add some zest to their corporate wardrobe. This is why it’s important to acquaint yourself with learning how to accessorize in a work environment.

Workplace accessories can be anything from opting for bold eyewear and fashioning prints to choosing a unique briefcase and personalized portfolios.

For more advice on fashion and beauty, be sure to visit our visit the fashion section of our webpage!

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