Looking Fly: What To Wear to a Job Interview for Men

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You’ve received the phone call that no one ever gets tired of getting. You have a job interview. The idea might give you sweaty palms, but even if you’re nervous the right attire can make you drip with confidence.

As you look in your closet, though, you notice that you don’t have much to wear, or you don’t know how to work with what you have. It’s difficult to pull something together even for a man, who most think have it so simple when it comes to clothes.

Keep reading for helpful tips on what to wear to a job interview so you can come in with confidence and get yourself hired!

1. Pick a Few Basic Pieces

Sometimes you have difficulty putting an interview outfit together because you’re overthinking it too much. The good thing about men’s fashion is that it’s pretty straight forward, so even if it doesn’t seem like it, you probably have a lot of great pieces in your wardrobe.  

If you’re looking at your closet and it seems a little dry, then it’s okay. You still don’t have to pour a ton of money into your interview outfit. Hit up a thrift store. 

Thrift stores usually have a goldmine of great stuff, and again men’s fashion is pretty straightforward, so it shouldn’t take too much effort to find something that will work for you. 

2. Try out Colors and Layers 

When you score a job interview, you may not know the dress code for the place you are interviewing at. You can always check on their website to see, but even if their dress code is formal, that’s a little vague. 

You also want to stand out from the others who are interviewing but not too much. You can do this by pairing colors and layers to put a spin on a classic formal look. 

3. Light Colored Pants and Jacket 

If you aren’t sure if the place you’re interviewing at is business formal or business casual, light colored pants and a matching jacket is a nice middle ground between the two. It’s less stuffy than a dark suit, so it’s a perfect choice when you have your doubts. 

You can sort of shift the mood a little with a tie. If you wear it with the tie, you’ll swing more towards formal. Without a tie, you’ll look more casual. 

4. Sweater and a Button Down 

Say you get the interview the same day you get the call and you’re scrambling for an outfit. Don’t fret, there is a quick and simple solution: pair a sweater with a button down. 

Brown, black, or navy sweaters are all great choices because they’ll go with just about any button down you choose. As far as pants go, khakis or anything that matches your get up will do. You can even wear dark jeans in a less formal environment if you want. 

5. Navy Blue Blazer

A navy blue blazer gets you away from the super formal stuffiness of a black suit and goes with any button up that you have laying around. You can wear it with or without a tie depending on how formal you really want to be.

You also get a wide pick of what pants to wear with it as well. It’s a very versatile little clothing item and is truly a timeless look.  

6. Accessorize Smartly

You don’t want to wear a ton of accessories. The one accessory that you’re going to want to have is a tie, depending on the dress code of the business you’re interviewing at. Make sure you wear a tie that makes a statement without being a tacky novelty tie. 

Other than a tie, you don’t want any more accessories other than your wedding ring if you’re married, and perhaps a nice watch. A watch says a lot about your character. It’s sort of the male version of a fancy bracelet. 

A nice watch, like one of these new omega mens watches, tells the interviewer that you value being on time. It will also make you look organized, which is a trait that just about any interviewer looks for. 

7. Nice Button Down 

Another look that works in a pinch is a button up and an interesting tie to make a statement. Depending on how formal the business is, you’ll want to watch how big of a statement you make with your button down. 

For example, if it’s a super formal place, you’ll want to wear classic colors only. If you must have a print, make sure it’s a subtle one, like a blue stripe for example.

8. Add in a Little Texture 

If you want to dress up without looking stuffy and uptight, then a textured jacket is the direction that you want to go in. It adds an air of sophistication and is classy but also gives a tinge of playfulness. 

You can wear a tie with it if the business is formal and lose it if it’s more of a laid back business. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this look. 

What to Wear to a Job Interview to Impress Anyone

If you’re picking through your closet trying to find the perfect outfit for your job interview, don’t fret. Men’s wear is straight forward enough where it shouldn’t be too hard to put something together. For the most part, you can pair a button up with a jacket or sweater and be fine. 

Use these tips for what to wear to a job interview to impress the business and get yourself hired! 

Many things in this list you should own regardless. Keep reading for more clothing items and accessories every man should own. 

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