Weed and Dollar Bills

Everything You Need to Know About How to Buy Weed Online from a California Marijuana Delivery Service

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Are you living or visiting California and want to buy cannabis? It’s 2020 and you have the option of having weed delivered to your door safe and sound. Since marijuana is legalized in California, and other parts of the world, finding a legit online dispensary isn’t difficult at all. 

For many people, knowing how to get weed safely and legally is difficult. By using this guide, you’ll learn how to buy weed online, some of the best places to shop, and things to keep in mind before making your first order. This way, you’re prepared without any fears or concerns and can enjoy your weed in peace. 

How Does Ordering Marijuana Online Work?

So you want to learn how to buy marijuana, huh? Well, you can buy your weed online without ever needing to leave your house. And not only bud but dispensaries are mailing edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other cannabis-infused goods. 

Buying weed online works the same way you’d shop for a pair of shoes or a new mattress. You find a legit online dispensary, browse through their products, add them to your shopping cart, and buy. It’s a pretty simple process but there are some slight differences from average online shopping. 

When buying weed online, you won’t be asked to put in your credit card information or to use Paypal. Rather, they’ll request that you do an e-transfer so that banks and credit card payment processors don’t accept cannabis as a product. The e-transfer is easy to do, though, the process may differ between online dispensaries. 

For the most part, you’ll be asked to sign into your financial institution’s online banking to find the “Send Money” option. You’ll then choose the account to withdraw funds from and fill out the information of the dispensary you’re sending money to. Once you add the name email address, phone number, etc., you select the amount of money you want to send them. Simply wait for e-transfer to be confirmed and you’re all set!

And once your purchase is made, you just have to wait for your weed to be delivered to your doorstep. Most e-stores try to ship discreetly and you’ll likely receive your weed in a plain, unlabelled package. Plus, most online shops will have their products vacuum-sealed to keep any strong or distinct cannabis odors concealed. 

Where to Buy Weed Online

Knowing how to get weed is knowing where to buy it online. You won’t have to search too hard as there are as many places to buy weed as there are other regular online shops. Not every shop is the most reliable, however, we have a marijuana delivery service on the list that you can trust. 

Keep in mind that you cannot use every mail order marijuana dispensary if you’re not living in a legal state. There are dispensaries that are particular about who they’ll ship to and will require you to send your proof of residency. There are still options for those living in illegal states, however, not all are 100 percent safe. 

Do your research and ensure that the marijuana dispensary you choose allows you to speak with someone online if you have specific questions or concerns. Their steps should be simple and straight forward so that you can make your purchase with ease. Aim for shops that offer a variety of products from top-shelf bud to savory edibles. 

How to Buy Weed Online — Risks Considered

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a legal state or not, there are always risks whenever you’re deciding to buy weed online. This is why you should always know which right companies are the best to purchase cannabis online from. Otherwise, you risk never seeing your order fulfilled. 

There are plenty of people who have made an online purchase from a sketchy online retailer and failed to receive their product or a refund. That’s one of the biggest risks of buying anything online, let alone, weed. But with the right precautions, you can avoid having this happen to you. 

There are other risks to keep in mind researching where to get weed online. If you find yourself buying weed from a shady place, you could also run the risk of purchasing it illegally. Once this shady package gets in the hands of the postal service like Fed Ex or UPS, you lose all levels of privacy. 

They are instructed to do routine checks and have to contact law enforcement if they notice anything suspicious. And if they suspect that your package has marijuana or anything else illegal, then they can legally search it. If caught purchasing marijuana in an illegal state, you may face jail time and some serious fines. 

Avoid buying weed online from any suspicious sources because you may also find out that what you ordered isn’t 100 percent cannabis. For example, a company may claim that a certain tincture contains CBD when in actuality, it’s all THC. This is not only disappointing for the consumer but can result in failed drug tests and ruin a customer’s chance of getting a job, etc. 

The Bottom Line

While learning how to buy weed online appears simple, keep in mind all of the risks involved. Avoid sketchy scenarios like the ones we’ve mentioned by doing enough research, checking plenty of reviews, etc. Find a company that has a history of selling weed online so you can ensure that they’ll deliver high-quality products with impeccable customer service. 

Happy shopping!

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