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Air Pollution and Climate Change Impacting the Increase of COVID-19 Deaths

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Scientists have been warning us that the way we are living will deal deadly blows to our future, even as soon as 2050.

Pollution and climate change have been looming over us. Especially since we have developed more and more ways to burn as many fossil fuels as possible. 

Now, COVID-19 has taken center stage when it comes to global attention. But the unexpected side effects of the deadly and contagious virus have created a silver lining in terms of the well-being of the planet

There is proof that the improvements in air pollution is saving lives by cleaning the air.

It is also preventing the increase of deaths related to COVID-19, as evidence suggests that air pollution and climate change can actually impact the death rate of the virus. 

How Pollution and Climate Change Increase COVID-19 Deaths & Spread

Air pollution has many negative effects on people, including lung and heart damage.

This means that millions can contract some kind of underlying health damage from breathing dirty air. The concealed damage done can leave individuals susceptible to respiratory infection.

Air pollution alone causes 7 million deaths worldwide due to the number of pollutants that people inhale. 

As we now know, one of the main symptoms of coronavirus is a dry cough and shortness of breath in severe cases. Developments in research have brought to light the fact that those with respiratory difficulties are at a much higher risk for developing severe cases of COVID-19 if contracted. 

The way that pathogens travel through the wet market industry has also affected the spread of disease in the past. It is an industry that heavily impacts the world.

When it comes to the destruction of biodiversity, wet markets have a large role to play. When the biodiversity in an ecosystem is interrupted, it provides a new environment and new conditions.

These are the conditions in which new viruses and diseases can thrive. 

All of a sudden, some Greta Thunberg quotes start to become more sobering. It’s as if we should have been listening to her warnings all along.

Air pollution and climate change deaths have gone under the radar because we are failing to connect the dots when it comes to the environment. 

So, What Now? 

The way that we have been treating the Earth has been inappropriate.

How can we realize that it has also contributed to the increased death rate of a virus taking the world by storm? 

Well, taken from Greta Thunberg herself, “Right here, right now, is where we draw the line.” 

Observing the way that Italy and China’s distinct and drastic measures have affected their environmental livelihood is a great encouragement for us.

We can embrace doing the same.

Italy’s canals are running clearer water that some residents have never seen before. China’s air pollution has dramatically decreased, saving up to one million people this year alone. 

We can fight pollution and climate change and coronavirus. 

Limiting the amount that we contribute to carbon emissions as much as possible and as soon as possible makes a difference. It is one of the primary ways to make a better impact on decreasing air pollution, saving lives, and working towards a better planet. 


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