Do I Need Special Paper? Your Guide to How to Get Pay Stubs Printed

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In this new age, we rely so heavily on digital technology that actually printing off a pay stub may seem like going backwards on progress. After all, don’t we just send the workers the money directly to their bank accounts and call it a day?

Though that may be the case, many businesses still believe in giving out a pay stub to give the employee physical evidence of their payment. In some situations, it’s even required to do it.

That being the case, knowing how to get pay stubs printed is pretty important. The good news is that it isn’t nearly as hard as you might think.

How to Get Pay Stubs Printed for Your Employees (Or for Yourself)

By following these steps, you’ll have pay stubs sent out to your employees in no time. Read on to find out more.

Getting the Right Software

First thing’s first: in order to print off the pay stub, you have to have the right software to do it.

Microsoft Word isn’t going to cut it with this one. You’ll want to get a pay stub generator to handle the job.

Though it may sound intimidating at first, most pay stub software is easy to use and very inexpensive (or even free!) so there’s really nothing to worry about.

Make Sure You Have the Right Paper

Technically, you don’t really have to have a specific type of paper to do the job; after all, these are pay stubs, not an actual check, so they don’t have to be treated like anything super-official.

That being the case, you can print off a pay stub on a plain sheet of white paper. In fact, many businesses do just that, because it saves on costs while still doing the job.

However, there are some companies that still like to keep things traditional and by the book. For that reason, security paper is still used to print stubs just like it was used for checks. Use whatever option works best for you.

Save Files as a PDF

When in doubt, it’s always best to save the pay stub file as a PDF.

PDF files are much easier to move around, share, print, and store than most other file formats. It also makes sure that no one can get into your file and tamper with any of the stored information.

After you carry out the process a few times, you’ll be able to print pay stubs out for your employees with ease.

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