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The Secret to Perfect Product Design and Packaging

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Are you having trouble getting customers to buy your products?

The chances of people ignoring your products for similar ones are greater than you think. This is because there are over 30.7 million small businesses in the country that do a better job selling their products. You can do everything to compete, but somehow, they will always come out on top.

What makes their products better? It’s simple, they have a better sense of product design than you. It can seem like a small factor, but it’s enough to pull away customers from your products if theirs look more appealing.

Want to step up your game and make your products competitive? Read on to learn how you can master product packaging and get customers to buy your product.

1. Keep Your Design Straightforward

You want the people passing by the shelves to know what you’re selling in one glance. If you’re selling detergent for clothes, then you must find a way to let people know in the few seconds they’ll have to gander at your product.

Most companies put as many stimulating elements on their design. Doing this is a surefire way for customers to get confused. They won’t have a clear idea of what you’re selling, even if they study the design.

Go for a simple design, instead. It helps the customer understand what you’re selling without taking a deeper look at your design. A good way to be effective in doing this is by thinking about what your customers will be looking for.

Any element that can help them figure out what your selling will be great as a hook. Once they notice that element, it will be hard to get them to buy competing products. A straightforward design will also be easier to print onto your packaging.

Sticking to only the essential graphics and elements in your packaging makes it cheaper to mass-produce. You’ll need a creative mind to come up with a black and white design to make it even cheaper. This is because black ink is more common than colored ink when printing designs.

2. Choose the Right Words to Entice Customers

If you want to use more words than graphics, then picking the right words to say is the best way to entice customers. Again, doing some research on what words your target customers will look for works best for this strategy. Doing so helps you understand the best words that can catch their attention.

Putting the right words on your product or packaging isn’t enough, though. Phrasing it is as important as choosing the words. More people will buy a product that says “Best Toilet Paper in Town” than “Best Toilet Paper” alone.

This is because it reassures the customer of the confidence they have in their product. You won’t make that claim unless you can back it up. Small trigger words like that can help you become the more preferred brand.

3. The Right Font Makes a Big Impact

Other than the words you use, how you present them also makes an impact on your product. The font you use should also go well with the product you’re selling.

Is your product meant to make your customer enjoy the next few minutes? Choose a font that denotes that when looked at. Mohr Rounded and Caramel Macchiato make a customer feel excited when they look at it.

If you’re looking to appear professional, then Serif is a good font to use. This font helps establish your brand as a leading company in the field. It also helps you look like a reliable and respectable brand

Look for the Sans-Serif variant if you want a modern and clean font for your products. This makes it perfect for minimalistic designs that are popular nowadays.

Another option is the Script font. It’s a good font if you want your wording to appear handwritten. It’s a good font to use if you specialize in handmade goods. Kraft goods also go great with this font since they fit in the aesthetic.

4. Make the Packaging Make Sense

A good way to master product design is to make your packaging make sense. This means that you should make it convenient for whoever uses your product to use the package. Practicality goes a long way in convincing people to go for your products.

A good example will be to give your product a handle if it’s heavy. Laundry detergents do this the most since people will carry them around while doing their laundry. This much consideration for your product is an easy way for it to become more appealing.

The packaging should also reflect what the product should be. A high-class product shouldn’t be inside a package that looks low-class. Your product won’t attract high-end clients that way.

If the product comes in a package large enough to hold with both hands, use every bit of the package. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than unnecessary packaging. It can turn them to buy from other brands if they’re more economic in their packaging.

5. Add Authentic Designs to Your Labels

Nothing attracts more customers than an original design. It shows that a brand is serious enough in making a name for themselves in the field. This gives them confidence that the brand will produce high-quality products.

Doing this is also a good way to make your brand stand out on the shelves. Generic designs often become ignored by customers. This means the product will also become ignored, causing a net loss in the long run.

A good way to create an authentic design is to produce one yourself. Photography is always a good option since you can be sure that whatever you use as your label is original.

If you don’t have an eye for photography, though, creating a custom box design for your product is a good option. It’s a way for your brand to stamp itself in the mind of people passing the shelves. Even if they don’t buy your product now, their curiosity from seeing an authentic design will have them try your product soon.

6. Be Honest in Package Design

No matter what you come up with in packaging design, never lie about anything to your customer. If your product says its sugar-free, then it shouldn’t contain any trace of sugar. Nothing boils the blood of customers more than having to deal with false claims.

While it may be tempting to put a small white lie to get people to buy your products, it can backfire faster than you think. It’s easy for people to write reviews that others can see. Your brand can face greater backlash than you can expect from 1 small lie.

This also applies to any visual representation you give for your product. Don’t oversell how a product looks versus how it looks after the customer opens the package. 

7. Make Your Product Easy-to-Use

An easy way to make your products more appealing is to make the product itself functional. Give the product and its packaging features that make it more convenient to use. These small features can be a reason for customers to go for your products again when they come back.

A brand that was successful in doing this is Heinz. The upside-down bottle they made for their ketchup made them successful. People kept buying their products because of their convenience.

Adding a spout to pourable products is enough of a convenience to make them more appealing. If your product is something like a glass cleaner, make it sprayable. If customers need to reuse your product, make it resealable.

Doing these small things increases the chances of a sale. 

8. Think of Your Product’s Shelf Impact

Your product will have some competition once it’s on the shelf. People will see lots of variants of the same products once it’s on display. It’s up to you to make yours be the one that people notice the first time they look at the shelf.

It’s impossible to pull this off for the first time. It takes some time to perfect the art of shelf impact and make your product more appealing.

Shelf impact is how noticeable your product is among the others on the shelf. Remember that other products also try to apply the other tips on this list. Making yours more noticeable means you must know the psychology behind product packaging.

Understanding this helps you create the perfect product to sell on the shelves. Most of your competition will become irrelevant if you know what your customers want.

Attain the Perfect Product Design and Packaging Today

Master product design and people will buy out your products with no hesitation. With the help of our guide, you will learn how to pull it off and be a brand to remember. 

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