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4 Fabulous and Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

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Did you know that a whopping 39% of bathrooms are redesigned with brown as the main color? 

We don’t know what the hype about brown is, but we do have some modern bathroom decor ideas that we want to share with you. 

From cool colors to modern and contemporary designs, you can have a fabulous bathroom on a smaller budget. Update your powder room with these amazing modern bathroom decor ideas today. Keep reading to find out how. 

1. Replacing Ugly Floors

Many people think that to redo the flooring in their bathroom they need to rip out tiles and start from scratch. Alas, you don’t have to go through all that pain! 

There are many quick-fix options that you can simply lay over the current floors to really spruce up the room. 

You can look at getting water-resistant vinyl that you can cut yourself to fit your bathroom. Alternatively, there are interlocking rubber floor mats that come in modern designs and wonderful colorful combinations that you can simply use carpet tape to secure. And voila! You have a newer, modern bathroom floor. 

2. A Fresh Lick Of Paint 

Never underestimate how a new coat of paint can truly transform a room from drab to fab in just a few hours. 

If your bathroom doesn’t have floor to ceiling tiles, and you have bare walls, you can consider brightening up the room with a new color on the walls. Light colors will make a smaller bathroom seem bigger, whereas darker colors will give your space a dramatic flair. 

And don’t stop there! If you have a small cabinet or vanity, you can use a complementary color or opposing color to give the room personality! 

3. Replace Some Hardware 

Have a look around your bathroom, and likely you’ll notice the things that are most outdated are the faucets, drawer pulls, towel racks, and toilet roll holder. 

This can even extend to your shower door, which may come across as a bit antique. 

Simply purchasing new fixtures that complement the vision for your bathroom can have a great impact on the finished look you’re going for. 

Community glass is the perfect option if you’re looking to replace that vintage shower door. 

4. Plants And Accessories 

If you’re going for a clean, crisp, white look, then a great way to add some pops of color is through smaller accessories and plants. 

Not only are plants good for the body and soul, but they provide a way for pops of colors within your bathroom. You can go evergreen or look for patterned pots, or even flowering plants! You can personalize the plants you put in the space to match the amount of color you want to add to the room!

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas for the Win 

When it comes to modern bathroom decor ideas, there’s no right way or wrong way! The way you choose to redesign and redecorate the bathroom is completely up to you and your personal tastes. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and match different colors and textures to create a dynamic space. 

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