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Keep Them Out: How to Prevent a Pest Infestation in the Home

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What is the best way to prevent pest infestation? How can you keep your home safe throughout the year?

You should know that you’re not alone dealing with this problem. Statistics show that 600,000 homes have some time of infestation.

Dangerous pests can cause structural damage to your home. This problem can result in expensive home repairs.

What can you do to prevent the spread of insects? Here’s how to prevent pest infestation in the home and keeping your environment safe.

Routine Home Cleaning

You need to schedule routine home cleaning to prevent pests from infesting your space. Common pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, termites, and fleas can invade an unclean home.

A messy, cluttered, and unclean house can also cause the spread of pests. Cleanliness could be the best repellant to prevent the invasion of annoying pests.

Your home cleaning should include:

  • clearing away clutter 
  • daily sweeping and vacuuming
  • cleaning kitchen countertops
  • washing dishes after each meal
  • cleaning stoves and microwaves
  • scrubbing bathroom sinks and toilets
  • washing bedding and curtains

Your home can be a lot safer and healthier once you incorporate a cleaning routine that works for you. Give your home the care it deserves by scheduling a weekly cleaning routine.

Hire Pest Control Services

You can prevent pest infestation by hiring pest control services. This is a great option if you have a dangerous pest infestation and can’t control the problem on your own.

You should contact professionals with knowledge and skills to manage your problem.

Pest control services can do so much to prevent creepy critters from invading your home. Reputable companies like Altus Pest Control use the right techniques for pest infestation.

These services help you to identify pests in your home. They can inform you about where pests are hiding, how they entered your home, their habits, and other information.

Professional services can also help you to prevent or control your pest infestation. You can count on these experts to help you prevent future infestations.

There are fewer risks when you contact pest control experts to deal with your problem. You save time and money, and you’ll also have less exposure to an illness from pests invading your home. A pest control company can ease your worries by preventing pest infestation.

Empty Trash Cans

You might not be aware that your kitchen is one of the most vulnerable places for pest invasions. A kitchen is a common place where most pests breed and multiply.

An accumulation of trash can also lead to the development of germs and bacteria. Keep in mind that insects can reproduce quickly, especially in warm locations such as trash cans.

So, emptying your trash cans every day is a strategy that can help to keep creepy critters out of your home. If you overlook this step, you could find yourself dealing with various types of problematic pests.

You don’t even have to wait until your trash can is completely full. Once you notice trash in your can, you should dispose of it right away. This is a daily habit to prevent and control pests.

Pests can also have an attraction to the strong stench coming from your trash cans. For this reason, you should remember to disinfect your trash can. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting trash cans prevents the attraction of pests. 

Keeping a lid on a trash can is another step to protect it from dangerous insects. You can also keep your trash can outside, away from your home if pests are still invading your living space.

Seal Food Containers

Are you using insect-proof storage containers? Pests can work their way into your containers and pollute the food you’re eating.

Pests have an attraction to food, so you should seal your food containers. Airtight containers have the right design to keep your food safe from annoying pests.

Using airtight containers is a preventative measure to keep pests from your home and to prevent future problems. Be sure to use airtight containers made from BPA-free plastic and you can also use sealed glass jars to protect your food.

Seal Doors and Windows

Insects can wiggle their way through the gaps or holes in your doors and windows. Even the smallest holes make your home vulnerable to dangerous pests.

Broken doors and windows should be properly sealed to prevent a pest infestation. Caulk is an inexpensive product that you can use to seal the holes you discover in your windows and doors.

Do you have rips in your mesh screens? Repairing rips and tears in your mesh door screens can also prevent the invasion of pests. 

Clean Drains

Did you know that bugs can live in drains? You may have an accumulation of junk or food particles that you need to remove from your drain.

This makes your drains a breeding location for all types of pests. That is why you should clean drains twice per month to prevent pests from entering and breeding inside your home.

A natural solution of vinegar and baking soda is a remedy that you can use to flush and clean your drains.

Prevent Pest Infestation in the Home the Smart Way

Use these tips to make your home uninhabitable to pests. This prevents you from worrying about bed bugs, ants, flies, and other insects bothering you and your family members. 

Exploring various methods gives you the biggest advantage to prevent pest infestation in the home.

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