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Top 7 Bath and Body Works Scents for Yourself or as Gifts

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If you’re a millennial, then you might remember your school hallways filled with the faint scents of Bath and Body Works. You might associate those aromas with petty middle and high school drama. But the fact is, we never really outgrow this brand’s fantastic scents, do we?

Decades later, Bath and Body Works is still around, still providing consumers with some excellent lotion, soap, shampoo, and hand sanitizer products. They make great gifts for your loved ones, especially those who grew up with you.

Here are the top 7 Bath and Body Works scents you need to get for yourself or your loved ones this holiday season!

1. Cucumber Melon

Let’s start off this list with one of the classics: Cucumber Melon! You probably remember spritzing yourself with the body spray after PE. Or maybe you rubbed your hands with this scent’s hand sanitizer after lunch to not only smell good, but also keep the germs away.

Whatever it was, one thing’s clear: Cucumber Melon is one of the most recognizable and classic scents of Bath and Body Works. Everyone can recognize it from a mile away! Its light and refreshing smell can instantly perk anyone up.

Do note that Cucumber Melon is considered a discontinued/limited edition scent, so it may be difficult to find sometimes.

2. Country Apple

Here’s another classic from back in the day: Country Apple. It’s also one of Bath and Body Works’ lighter scents, which makes it a good one to give people who don’t like to bathe in fragrances.

Whether it’s the lotion, body mist, body wash, or soap, your giftee will enjoy a fresh scent of apple afterward. This scent lasts practically forever, so a little goes a long way with Country Apple, despite its subtle aroma!

Country Apple is a discontinued/limited edition scent. So be aware of that when you’re on the hunt for some of this fragrance!

3. Sweet Pea

This is probably another Bath and Body Works scent that’ll bring you straight back to middle or high school. It was incredibly popular, considering it has an amazingly sweet smell to it!

Of course, this scent mainly features the flower. But other fragrances in this timeless smell include raspberry and pear. Combined together, it makes for a

Sweet Pea is yet another discontinued/limited edition scent from Bath and Body Works. So if you can get your hands on some, stock up!

4. Japanese Cherry Blossom

This has been one of the best-selling scents in America. When you get a whiff of it, there’ll be no question why in your mind why that is.

Not only does Japanese Cherry Blossom come in a beautiful and elegant package, but its aroma is very feminine and soft. While Sweet Pea is on the sweeter side, this scent offers something great for people who don’t like to smell as saccharine.

While the Japanese Cherry Blossom certainly highlights the flower’s fragrance, there are many other components to this Bath and Body Works scent that make it exquisite. They include mimosa petals, aromatic sandalwood, and Asian pear.

This makes Japanese Cherry Blossom a delightful scent you can use, no matter what time of the year it is.

5. Gingham

The Gingham scent is also one that quickly flies off the shelf. You might think it’s weird that a fragrance is named after a pattern, but it works. Plus, it means the packaging is cute too, as the Gingham line has a gingham print in blue, dark blue, and white on the front of products!

Gingham’s main aroma consists of floral tones, as well as a little bit of citrus. More specifically, you’ll smell blue freesia, violet, and clementine in this fragrance.

6. Sensual Amber

For the giftees who aren’t fans of light, almost girly scents, then this is one you must give them. As the name suggests, Sensual Amber is a fragrance that’s definitely not for middle or high schoolers.

This scent has a darker, sexier tone than all the rest on this list. You’ll smell lotus, white rose, iris, orange flowers, wild berries, patchouli, amber, vanilla, and other notes in Sensual Amber. All these ingredients come together to give this scent a level of sophistication you won’t find with other Bath and Body Works scents.

All these notes also make Sensual Amber quite a cozy scent. So it’s perfect to smell in cold weather!

7. Vanilla Bean Noel

Want to go a route that’s more suited for the holidays? Then you can’t go wrong with Vanilla Bean Noel! One whiff of this scent, and you’ll be transported to Christmas day instantly.

Not only will you get hints of vanilla bean, but you’ll also smell some chocolate, caramel, and benzoin. These separate ingredients come together to provide you with a smell that feels like a sugar cookie in a can.

This scent also comes in a tinsel-y package that’s Christmas green. The additional holiday touches (such as reindeer and cheerful font) will make any recipient of this gift smile.

If you want to get free shipping for Bath and Body Works products, then make sure you look around for coupons. It’ll be worth the time spent!

Get These Top Bath and Body Works Scents

With this list of the top Bath and Body Works scents, you’re now well prepared to order a variety of products for both yourself and your family. This brand has some amazing stuff, so no matter what you choose, the recipients of your gifts will definitely be pleased.

So if you haven’t already gotten presents this holiday season and you’ve been stumped, we hope this article has given you lots of fantastic ideas, especially for stocking stuffers!

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