CBD for Pets

The Benefits of CBD for Pets

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CBD has been a hot topic for humans for a while now. There are plenty of reported health and wellness benefits of CBD, but did you know that you can give CBD to pets too? 

How good is CBD for pets? 

You’d be surprised. While not as well-researched as CBD for humans, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that including CBD in your pet’s routine is a good idea. 

Not sure if CBD is right for you and your furry friend? We want to help you make the right choice. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of CBD for animals. 

Pain Relief

Is your pet in pain? 

As pets get older, many of them begin having joint and muscle pains. This is normal, but it’s important to give your pets a good quality of life. You’re responsible for managing that pain. 

While many vets will prescribe mild painkillers for your pet and there are a few things you can do around the house to make things easier for them, CBD is a more natural solution that may be easier to administer.

Pets are resistant to pills and liquids that they don’t recognize. Putting pills in their food, even crushed up, is sometimes a recipe for failure. 

Pet-friendly CBD products, like Honest Paws CBD products, come in varieties that are easy to give to your pet. You can get CBD coconut oil, CBD chews, and CBD peanut butter (as well as basic CBD oil) all of which you should be able to feed your pet without a fuss. 

Your pet is already in pain. There’s no need to add the stress of medicine to the mix.

Improved Appetite 

Has your pet been unwilling to eat lately? 

There are a few ways that CBD acts to solve that problem. The first is by helping with underlying issues. Sometimes pets in pain or pets with anxiety have less of a desire to eat. As CBD can help with both of those conditions, they’ll eat more by default.

CBD can also help with mild nausea, increasing your pet’s ability to eat.

There are mixed results when it comes to CBD and appetite changes. Beyond the pain and nausea relief, any actual changes in appetite beyond healing underlying causes will be mixed depend on the pet. Make sure to take note of your pet’s eating habits while you’re using it.

Anxiety Relief

Do your pets get amped up around strangers? Do they have the all-too-common separation anxiety that so many pets get when they’ve spent so much time with their owners? 

Do thunderstorms and fireworks send them into a frenzy? Maybe they’re just nervous animals innately.

CBD might help. CBD has been used for human anxiety and it’s shown success for us. In animals, it should do the same. There are plenty of anti-anxiety aids for animals, but many people aren’t interested in exposing their pets to heavy pharmaceuticals. Trying CBD as an alternative is a great idea. 

Do You Need CBD for Pets? 

 If your pet needs help managing anxiety, nausea, pain, and more, CBD might be an effective solution. While many vets are still unfamiliar with CBD for pets, many are open to the discussion now that CBD use is more widespread. Discuss CBD use with your vet today.

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