More Foot Traffic to Your Small Business

4 Clever Ways to Drive More Foot Traffic to Your Small Business

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Are brick and mortar stores dead? Surprisingly no. Consider this, despite increases in the popularity of e-commerce 55% of online shoppers prefer to buy from retailers that have a physical store. 

However, in 2021 economic conditions are getting more difficult, and bringing foot traffic to your store is far from easy. 

If you are in the retail industry, how can you bring in the customers to your stores? Why not take a minute to check out some of the hottest strategies that will help you do just this.

1. Offer Classes

How are your products used? Could you offer the opportunity to learn how to use your products successfully?

As an example, take a book shop that has been hit by the success of electronic books. The owner could offer storytelling lessons or even lessons on writing itself. As people come to enjoy the lessons, and perhaps a tea or coffee, footfall into the store increases. 

Why not consider what you are selling and whether you could offer classes to draw in the masses.

2. Offer Food

Ever get the munchies while shopping? Everyone does. So some of the most successful high street shops offer temporary or permanent food stalls in their shops. 

Whether you are offering vegan food, exotic cheeses, or coffee beans sourced from the other side of the world, people love to snack while shopping. 

You do not even need to set this up yourself. Why not team up with a local cafe or eatery to offer them the opportunity to set up a kiosk in your store. 

3. Treat Your Customers Like Guests

People love to go where they feel welcomed as human beings, not just as sources of money. If you want to bring people into your store, you should ensure that your staff is as happy and welcoming as possible. 

If you want to improve customer service in your workplace, why not ask a friend from out of town to visit your store and give you an honest evaluation of their experience. You may find out some surprising ways you can improve.

4. Create A Photo Opportunity

Photo opportunities can gain viral popularity extremely quickly nowadays. If you can create a genuinely appealing and original location for people to take photos and have them share them on Instagram, people will come in their droves. 

Be sure to appeal to passers-by by advertising the photo opportunity with catchy storefront window graphics. This is a great way to increase your social media presence without having to pay for advertising.  

The Best Ways to Increase Foot Traffic and Much More

If you are a brick and mortar store manager, you know that you will need to work hard to bring people to your store in a COVID-19 hit world. However, by applying the principles that we have discussed, you can increase foot traffic and ensure that you sell from both physical stores and e-commerce sites in 2021.

If you are interested in retail and business topics, why not take a look at our blog pages? We write articles that we know will benefit you in 2021. 

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