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5 Ways to Fuel and Foster Business Growth in 2021

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Was your business knocked around in 2020? Unfortunately, the public health crisis meant that many companies, large and small, were seriously suffering and had to radically change the way they do business.

However, a new year brings new business growth opportunities. Are you looking for some growth hacks to help your business expand over the coming year?

If so, you’re in the right place—keep reading to find five business growth tools that can give your company the boost it needs in 2021.

1. Paid Social Media Promotion

Yout business is sure to have active social media pages, but did you know that the social media algorithms limit what you followers see? Even with thousands of followers, only a small percentage are seeing your content organically.

An easy business strategy for growth is to try paid promotions on social media. This will let you connect with your own followers, but also lets you specifically target potential new customers.

By running ad campaigns targeting customers by age, location, interests, and industry, social media ads have great conversion ads, if you target them accurately.

2. Online Ads

If your business growth team isn’t using online ads, they’re missing out. To expand your reach, you need to use paid ads on platforms like Google.

This way, when users search for keywords related to your business, they’ll see ads for your fantastic company.

Always combine online ad campaigns with an SEO strategy, as you want customers to find you organically as well.

3. Simply Your Online Sales Process

Is your online shopping smooth—or old and clunky? Customers won’t wait around for slow payment systems, so invest in new ways to process payments online, like EDI managed services.

It will help customers feel more secure on your site and will make it easier for them to shop.

4. Try Chatbots

For businesses with a strong customer service focus, like retail, a top growth strategy for 2021 is to try chatbots.

Traditionally, your customer service is limited to business hours, when staff are working. However, chatbots use AI to communicate in real-time—this means instant customer support, which assists customers who are about to make a purchase.

5. Host a Virtual Event

The last 12 months have changed how we work, with many of us now working remotely or from home. This has placed limits on in-person events, but virtual events are now the wave of the future,

Build brand awareness, networking opportunities, and generate new leads by hosting or sponsoring a virtual conference in your industry.

Use These Tips to Fuel More Business Growth in 2021

If business growth is your focus over the next year, use these tips to succeed. Develop a growth and marketing plan, outlining all the steps you’ll take to bring your business to new heights.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight, but you’re sure to see results if you keep at it!

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