Engrave for Special Occasions

5 Useful Things to Engrave for Special Occasions

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Gifts are nice, but they’re much better when you personalize them for the people you care about. It also adds some class to the item, as well as some emotional value. 

When you’re considering things to engrave, you should focus on what the other person takes value in. Here are five useful things you can give during special occasions.

1. Engraved Jewelry

When in doubt, jewelry is the defacto gift to engrave for a friend, family member, or significant other.

You can use engraved jewelry as a reminder of important dates, such as an anniversary. Jewelry can also be a meaningful memento of someone you’ve lost or appreciate. 

Jewelry can also be personalized for someone, like on a bar necklace or an engraved pendant.

2. Wrist Accessories

A wrist accessory, like a watch or a smartwatch strap, is a useful gift and provides plenty of space for engraving. 

You can customize them with unique designs, etch in important dates, or monogram them with your initials. Make it a complete gift by pairing a, engraved watch with some other watch accessories.

3. Personalized Journal

A journal can be personalized in a number of different ways. You can put a name across the front or engrave a haiku onto the back. 

It by far provides the largest canvas for personalization, and it’s really useful. This is the best gift for someone who journals or is big on time management.

4. Monogrammed Tools

Tired of getting your old man the same old boring gifts? You should try upgrading his equipment with a classy monogram.

Monogrammed tools just flat out look better than the boring set you can buy from any home depot. They’re stylish, and they also let the recipient know you cared about them. 

You can buy a whole new set for this purpose, or have it done to their favorite tools they already own. 

5. Engraved Wallet

Speaking of class, an engraved wallet is a great gift for someone who’s transitioning into adulthood.

Most men generally don’t care what their wallet looks like, as long as it holds their money. Gifting them an engraved wallet, however, forces them to exchange their dollar store wallet for something they can carry well into their career life. 

Plus, it’ll have a lasting impression on the people they date when they pull out a monogrammed leather wallet.

Things to Engrave Yourself

You can engrave pretty much anything you can think of. Plenty of online services offer it as an option for “custom” gifts, but your own products can benefit from an engraving option. 

A laser marker device is a perfect option to start customizing your stuff. Learn more about Micromark and get a free quote on a device.

A Gift They’ll Never Forget

Gift-giving is hard. You never know if the other person is going to like it, but at the very least, an engraved gift will show that you put some effort into it. 

After all, you can’t really run out of things to engrave.

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