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3 Home Renovations You Don’t Want to Skimp On

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Are you bored with your surroundings? If you’ve been in lockdown for months then there you are probably frustrated by your four walls. A great lockdown project is to create a series of home renovations.

These can take your mind off the Coronavirus and can brighten up your house so that it’s fit to live in.

But what home renovations should you invest in and which ones are better left by-the-wayside. 

1. New Kitchen

A new kitchen is the epitome of home renovations. It can make your home feel like a totally new place. Whilst it might be expensive to rip out your kitchen and start again, it can be the perfect thing to do in lockdown to help your home feel fresh and new once more.

The great thing about getting a new kitchen and the reason it’s often so expensive is that it requires getting all new appliances. And as technology becomes more advanced so too do traditional appliances in your kitchen.

Smart home assistants and appliances can help automate your morning routine. A smart kettle and coffee maker could create your morning brew for you 10 minutes before your morning alarm goes off ensuring your coffee is brewed and hot when you wake up.

LED or OLED screens on the back of your smart fridge can tell you when you are running low on certain items and what’s on your shopping list. It could even act as a noticeboard for the entire family. 

Remember upgrades like a kitchen remodel can add up to 10% to the value of your home’s price so they are also an investment. 

Even a new air conditioner can connect up to your smart assistant. 

2. New Wallpaper 

New wallpaper can really transform your room and make it feel like a whole new place for you to live in if you want to remodel your home. 

Go online and pick out the wallpaper that most fits your aesthetic. Try out some different colors and schemes. If you have an iPad or a cell phone with augmented reality functions you can see what your room would look like with different wallpapers.

Remember the old saying that dark colors make the room smaller and bright colors make the room seem bigger. 

Remember that new wallpaper can never paper over damp walls or mold. To solve that issue you might need to have your walls injected with insulation to keep in the heat and stop them from getting moldy. Learn more about foam injection insulation here. 

3. New Office 

A new office can be a great way of spousing up your house and can be an attempt to remodel your home. If you work from home you will no doubt want to create a space for yourself to be productive.  

You don’t want to work from your bedroom because it’s not healthy to sleep and work in the same room. 

You could consider buying a new desk or moving it to a different position. Having your desk looking out the window can often be productive and can ensure that you get the most amount of natural light. You could also consider a new carpet or some new curtains.

Home Renovations Can Spruce Up Your Life 

Home renovations can spruce up your life in more ways than one. Not only can they make your home feel new again they can also improve your mental health as you refresh the environment where you now spend the majority of your time.

If you are interested in reading more about home renovations then be sure to check out the rest of our site. 

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