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Kitchen Paint Color Trends for 2021

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Is it time for a quick kitchen renovation?

Whether you’re getting a total renovation or you’re looking for some small ways to refresh your space, getting a new paint color is a great way to change things up without having to tear down walls and replace appliances.

You’ll be shocked at how much fresh paint can revamp your space!

Not sure about which direction to go in with your kitchen paint job? We have a few suggestions based on our projected kitchen paint color trends for 2021. No matter what your home style is, there’s sure to be something you’ll love. Keep reading for paint color inspiration.


Teal may not seem like a kitchen color, but you’ll be shocked at how much it can cool down the look of your space.

While kitchens are generally thought of as “warm” spaces with cozy atmospheres, more and more people are opting to modernize their kitchens with bright splashes of color.

Your teal doesn’t have to be bold. There are bright shades, but you can also opt for a teal-gray mix that’s easier on the eyes. It looks great with white or gray countertops and appliances.


For those who want a change but aren’t interested in going with something too off the beaten path, a cream shade is a great choice for a kitchen.

Cream isn’t quite white, but it’s close enough to maintain a neutral look. While white looks clean and modern, we don’t love it as a kitchen color. Kitchens are messy and one bad splash or spill can lead to walls looking stained.

When you choose cream-colored paint, you avoid some of the problems associated with stark white walls without overwhelming the eyes. Also, all painters have experience with cream, so you know that you’re working with a reliable color.

Cream looks great with all appliances, but we love it for kitchens with a splash of color elsewhere.


Sage green is another almost-neutral color but it will still give you that pop of color you might be looking for in your kitchen. This is a calming green that can fit in almost any household.

It gives homes a natural feel.

For us, sage green looks best with black appliances but it can also pair well with marble countertops.


Rust is a bold choice for a paint color. It’s warm and fiery and can amp up the cozy factor of any kitchen. Bonus: any sauce splashes will go unnoticed.

Because this is a bold choice, it’s best to keep any accessory colors, like tiles, decorations, and backsplashes, more understated. We love this reddish-brown color paired with black appliances.


For a kitchen that’s warm but not as loud as with the rust tones, we love the yellow-brown ochre for a fresh kitchen color.

Bright yellow is tempting for a cheerful space, but it overwhelms the eye. Instead, this toned-down yellow is almost gold and it gives your space a subtle glow, especially when you’re making your coffee at sunrise.

What Are Your Favorite Kitchen Paint Color Trends for 2021?

We love all of these kitchen paint color trends for 2021, but which one will fit best in your kitchen?

Whether you want to go cool and bold, neutral and understated, or warm and cozy, these colors are great for any home and decor style.

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