Build a Client Base: 5 Brilliant Product Marketing Tips for Your Construction Company

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Does your product marketing strategy need a lift?

Marketing products is a completely different ballgame. There will be some crossover with your construction services, but you need to make adjustments to your marketing strategy.

Read on to learn more about how you can leverage the top marketing strategies to bring customers to your products and services.

1. Get Your Messaging Right

Building a thriving contracting business starts with marketing. Any type of marketing starts with the basics. Usually, people will start with the tactics and then figure out the foundation.

You need to do the opposite to make it work. You need to know what your products and services do, who they help, and why someone would work with your construction company as opposed to your competition.

A great example is this site for pipeline corrosion protection. They are very clear about what they do. The more clarity you have around these questions, the easier it will be to reach your audience using any tactics.

2. Work Your Current Network

One of the easiest product marketing tactics is to work your current network. Depending on the price point of your product, you may need to plan out a long-term strategy.

For small items at a lower price point, it takes less convincing to get someone to buy. Less effort is required, but you need a high amount of sales to make a profit.

High ticket items require a lot of relationship building to develop trust in your company. With your current network, you have already established trust. That will make it easier to sell your service.  

3. PPC Ads

Pay per click ads are a great way to launch a product and sell your services. PPC ads let you target your audience according to search terms and location. You’re putting your company in front of customers when they get ready to buy.

4. Get Reviews

It’s easy to underestimate the power of product reviews. People buy based on product reviews. They want to make sure that the investment that they make is well worth it.

When you sell your products and services, you need to make sure that you follow up with your customers and ask for product reviews.

5. Invest in SEO

Search engine optimization can serve a lot of different functions. Similar to PPC, you can use SEO to get your construction products and services in front of people when they’re ready to buy.

You can use SEO to reach people to build brand awareness and reach decision makers at any stage of the buying process.

You can target people using blog posts when people are researching products, they want to know more about your company, and when they’re ready to buy.

Product Marketing That Works

As a construction company that markets both products and services, it’s important to know that product marketing will require small shifts in strategy.

Despite these small shifts, the basics of marketing still apply. You need to know your target market, what makes your product great, and why your company is better than the others. Nail those down, and your marketing tactics will work.

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