Get a Red Wine Stain Out of Your Carpet

How to Get a Red Wine Stain Out of Your Carpet

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A red wine stain on a new carpet is every homeowner’s worst nightmare.

Accidents happen – and red can be a very stubborn stain to remove. However, before you start thinking of replacing your rug or carpet, there are a few hacks you can try to bring your pristine carpet back to life.

Our helpful guide shows you how to revive your rugs and cure your carpet when disaster strikes. Acting fast can save even the most major carpet stain from setting in.

Read on to find out how to get red wine out of your carpet.

Act Fast

The first thing to do when you spill red wine is to act fast and remove as much liquid from the carpet as you can. Take an absorbent cloth or kitchen towel and blot the area to soak up any excess.

Although it may interrupt your party, acting fast is essential, as the pigments in wine won’t wait around for your guests to leave!

Avoid rubbing your carpet as this will only work the wine deeper into the fibers.

Try Club Soda

Club soda has been a go-to household savior since 1767, and most people have some to hand around the house. 

This versatile product works by lifting the stain out of the carpet with carbon dioxide bubbles and is also great for many other everyday cleaning tasks.

Here’s how to remove red wine from a carpet using club soda:

  1. Blot the stain dry using a clean cloth
  2. Pour some club soda
  3. Rinse cloth and blot again
  4. Pour more club soda
  5. Blot again, repeating until the stain is gone

Use Dish Soap and Vinegar

Another easily accessible and effective treatment for a stained carpet is a combination of dish soap and white vinegar.

Everybody has dish soap in their kitchen, and if you don’t have any white vinegar, you should go out and buy some – it has 101 uses around the home!

To combat a carpet stain with dish soap and vinegar, follow these steps:

  1. Blot the stain with a clean cloth
  2. Mix a tablespoon of standard dish soap with a tablespoon of white vinegar in two cups of warm water
  3. Using a white cloth, pour a small amount onto the stain
  4. Blot the red wine stain until it’s removed
  5. Repeat if necessary

Consider Calling the Experts

Hopefully, the methods above will be enough to save your carpet from a stubborn stain. However, for major spillages, sometimes you have to call in the experts.

Visit to view their wide range of cleaning services for rugs, carpets, and even stone surfaces! 

No stain is too stubborn for their professional carpet care team!

Fix That Red Wine Stain Today!

So that’s the 101 on how to combat a red wine stain!

By acting fast, using everyday household cleaning products, and knowing when to call the professionals, you could save your rugs and carpets – avoiding costly repairs and hassle.

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