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Making Movies: Why Video Content Needs to Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

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When you run a business, developing a marketing strategy is essential. In order to promote your products and services and make as many sales as possible, you need to have a plan. 

But marketing trends never stay the same for long. So if you developed a marketing strategy a couple of years ago, it might already be out of date. 

For example, 87% of businesses now use video content as a marketing tool, which is a big increase from only 63% in 2017. So if your business is not using video as part of its marketing strategy, it is in danger of getting left behind. 

Need more convincing? Read on to find out why video content needs to be part of your digital strategy. 

Video Content Is The Future

The internet is a different place from 10 years ago, and a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down is the increase in video usage. In fact, by 2020, video content will make up 79% of all web traffic. 

Internet users are no longer satisfied with static web pages. With the rise of high-res cameras on smartphones, anyone can make their own video content now. 

Higher Engagement

Part of the battle with any marketing campaign is finding ways to make your website more engaging to users. And one of the most effective ways to engage users is by using video content. 

Video can engage even the laziest of viewers, as there is zero effort involved in sitting back and watching a video clip. 

You can also convey a lot more information through video than text. Someone on a video clip explaining how a product works could take one minute. For a user to read the same amount of information would take longer, and you would run the risk of them getting bored and leaving the site. 

Increase Optimization

Video content is also great for SEO, as Google (who own YouTube) loves video.

Websites with video content have better user retention, and lower bounce rates, which is also great for rankings. YouTube also allows you to add titles, descriptions, and keywords which will enhance your SEO.

Video Gives You More Marketing Options

Another of the advantages of using video as part of your digital strategy is that it allows you to showcase your products and bring them to life. 

One of the most popular forms of marketing videos is the “How To” video. This gives you an opportunity to show how your products work in a way that is difficult to achieve with photos and text. Product demos can also incorporate Q&As which are great for user engagement.

You can also use video to show the story of your business, or spotlight your company culture and working environment. This is not only great for marketing, but also for recruitment. 

If you would like to find out about other video marketing ideas, click for more.

Digital Guides At Your Fingertips

So those are some of the reasons why video content needs to be part of your marketing strategy. 

It’s great for SEO and user engagement, and without it, you could get left behind. 

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