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What is VPS Hosting? 7 Things You Need to Know About VPS Hosting

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Did you know that your web host has a big impact on your business? Let’s put it this way if your customers are trying to get to your website, but can’t, what do you think they’ll do?

They’ll leave your site, unlikely to return. A website host that’s slow or unreliable will damage your business and you may not even be aware that it’s a problem.

A good solution to this problem is VPS hosting. Read on to find out what VPS hosting is and why you need to have it power your website.

1. What is VPS Hosting?

Let’s start out with what a web host does and how it works from a very basic level. When you have a website, what you really have are a bunch of ones and zeros organized in many different files and folders.

Those files and folders have to reside on a computer that can serve those files and folders, which is called a web server.

When someone clicks on a link to your site or types in your address. That link is turned into an IP address, which is like a phone number for your site. That address will lead to your host’s web servers.

Your host’s servers will then serve those files and folders to the user, and the user’s web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) will turn those files and folders into a website that the user can understand and interact with.

All of that happens in a matter of seconds. Most people will have their files and folders reside on a shared host, which means that you share computer space with many other websites.

It’s kind of like sharing an apartment building. If you have loud and noisy neighbors, it will impact your level of enjoyment of the space. If you share a server with other sites that take up too many resources, your site will be negatively impacted.

VPS Hosting is a Great Option

What is VPS hosting and can that make a difference in your site? VPS hosting is a way to avoid the pitfalls of shared hosting without spending a fortune on it.

It used to be that if you didn’t want shared hosting, your option was to have a dedicated server. Having a server all to yourself is great, but it can be expensive.

VPS means virtual private server. A virtual private server takes the best of shared hosting, which is the cost, along with the best of dedicated hosting, which is that you don’t have to deal with annoying neighbors.

Server space is partitioned so you have your own space with your own resources to do what you’d like on the server. Here are a number of other things you should know about VPS hosting.

2. Better Security and Privacy

When you’re on a shared server, if one of your neighbors is a bad actor, like a spammer, your website and your business can be impacted.

The vast majority of hosting companies work to prevent this from happening, but sometimes things fall through the crack.

VPS gives you better security and privacy because your website is completely separate from all of the other sites on your server.

3. VPS Gives Your More Control

With a VPS account, you have much greater control to customize your server’s settings. You simply can’t do that on a shared account because your changes will impact all of the websites on the server.

You can improve the server’s performance and make all of the upgrades you want.

With an offshore VPS account, you’re also protected from being shut down unfairly due to a DMCA copyright violation.

4. VPS is Reliable

With shared hosting, you’re assigned a certain amount of bandwidth. If you have a major product launch and get a lot of traffic to your site, you’re likely to max out the amount of bandwidth that you have.

That means that there will be people who can’t access your website at a major moment in your business.

VPS won’t give you that problem because you’re given much more bandwidth to handle the increase in traffic.

5. It’s Easier to Scale Your Business

Do you have a vision or a big plan for your website? If you do, then VPS may be a better fit for your website.

For example, a retail business may have a website that doesn’t have an e-commerce component. They may decide that the time is right to sell products online.

VPS will make it very easy to scale the business up because it’s easy to be in compliance with PCI payment standards. That ensures that your customers’ data is safe and secure.

6. You’ll Get Better Performance

In the simplest terms, you’ll get much better performance from VPS because you have more control and you don’t have to deal with other accounts taking demanding more resources from the server.

7. Better Results for Customers and Search Engines

When your site’s performance is improved, your customers will take notice. So will search engines. Google takes site speed into account when its algorithm determines search results.

The reason why is because Google wants to provide the best results it can. The company knows that people will leave websites that are slow to load.

Not only that, your customers are likely to stick around when your site loads fast. Customers expect your site to load within 3 seconds.

Since you’re in complete control of your server, you can ensure that your site meets customer expectations.

Is VPS Hosting Right for You?

What is VPS Hosting? It’s a safer, faster, more secure method of hosting your website. Oh, it’s also very affordable.

VPS hosting is a no-brainer for many businesses looking to grow and gain an extra edge in website performance. That extra edge will make your customers happy and help your site get listed on search engines.

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