10 Weird and Awesome Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

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Glass is one of the only materials that is 100% recyclable.

But why waste its potential by throwing it in the recycling bin?! Glass bottles are great for repurposing. Their potential is endless and is only limited by your imagination.

These ideas on how to reuse glass bottles got us inspired to get started on our own projects! Before we got started on ours, we had to prepare the glass jars by removing old labels.

We found some great tips on how to remove stickers off of the glass. Quite a few of the ideas allowed us to use things we already had in the cupboards.

So see if you’ve got anything laying around your house to make the following!

10 Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles

Some DIY projects for glass bottles require a glass cutter, while others we were able to cut using a DIY method. If you choose a DIY method, be sure to take the necessary safety precautions.

Here are some of our favorite ways to reuse glass bottles!

1. Tiki Torch Bottles

This is a fun way to put to use those old glass bottles, as well as a perfect addition to any backyard. Use unique bottles like a bourbon bottle or a whiskey bottle.

We filled our empty bottle about halfway with water and then filled it the rest of the way with tiki torch fluid. We drenched our wick in the tiki torch fluid before placing it inside the bottle.

The last step is light and enjoy.

2. Garden Border

This is a cheap and easy way to add a pop of color to any garden.

We first buried our bottles upside down around the areas in our garden we wanted to mark off. You could choose to do all one color, or mix and match colors. We decided to do different colors in a specific pattern.

Please note that this idea is probably best for a garden where kids or pets wouldn’t break (and hurt themselves on) the glass bottle.

3. Bottle Chandelier

We love this idea to add a unique visual lighting piece.

First, we cut the bottom portion of a wine bottle off using a bottle cutter. You can find some great bottle cutters on Amazon. Once cut, we then sanded the cut edge of the bottle to make sure it was smooth.

Once this was completed, we proceeded to paint bottles with Mod Podge Sheer Color Paint. Once the paint was completely dry, we attached a pendant light kit.

4. Chic Flower Vase Centerpiece

We love the farmhouse look of this simple centerpiece. It may look like it cost a lot of money, but we know better. Spice up any dining room decor with some wood and glass soda bottles.

We used 1-inch x 6-inch wood boards, but you could choose to make it longer. We constructed the centerpiece by first building a rectangular shape. On the top piece, we drilled holes to make room for the beautiful flower stems.

5. Wine Bottle Wood Wick Candles

Everyone loves the crackle of a fire, but we don’t always have time to build one. Hello, wood wick candles!

Using a bottle cutter, we sliced our wine bottle in half. We then filled the bottom part of the wine bottle with melted soy wax and a wooden wick. We were sure to add essential oils to fill our home with a relaxing and luxurious scent.

6. Desktop Succulent Plant Holders

This is a perfect way to add a modern touch to a workspace.

By cutting a bottle into two pieces, we were able to create a plant holder that drains into itself. Add an edge to this planter by painting the top piece.

7. Hummingbird Feeder

This DIY project is as simple as it gets!

We simply filled our bottle with hummingbird nectar, wrapped wire around it, and sealed it with a hummingbird feeder stopper.

8. Kitchen Utensil Holder

By using a unique bottle, like a large Jack Daniels bottle, we were able to create a unique utensil holder for the kitchen.

We cut the top third off of the bottle with a glass cutter and then sanded down the sharp edges. This is sure to be a conversation starter for your guests. Maybe even a great idea for DIY Christmas gifts.

9. Hand Soap Dispenser

Using glass bottles to create a unique soap dispenser will add a special design element to your washrooms interior. We chose the most unique jars we could find.

From an old bourbon bottle to an old olive oil bottle, the possibilities are endless. We looked for jars that had a different shape to them. We then added some great smelling soap and a soap pump.

Don’t worry, you won’t be washing your hands with any hazardous materials. But if your lifestyle entails that, sign up for online WHMIS, STAT.

10. Unique Lamp

When looking for some extra lighting for a room, look no further than the glass bottles in the recycling bin.

We love the idea of taking an old Jack Daniels bottle and turning it into a lamp. The only glass cutting required is drilling a hold for the chord. We decided to fill the jar with glass beads that mimicked the color of Jack Daniels.

We used a light kit and found a cute lampshade to pull the whole project together.

Start Your DIY Project Today!

We were able to reuse glass bottles in many different ways. Some projects took a little more time, but all the finished projects were worth the effort.

Check out the DIY section of our blog for more like this!

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