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9 Amazing Designs You’ll Want to Have in Your Home

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You spend a lot of time in your home, so it’s important that it not only looks beautiful but is also comfortable for your style of living. Finding the perfect balance of fashionable and functional can sometimes be a bit tricky.

But luckily there are plenty of modern and amazing designs available to you that fit both of those necessary categories. Designing your home how you like it is fun and gives you a chance to play around with a new style.

Not sure about which direction to take your home décor? Keep reading to check out some designs that will inspire you.  

Natural Elements

Bring the natural world inside with some homey nature-centric accents. This organic approach to décor includes elements of stone, copper, and wood to bring the outside world in.

Adding plant life, such as a fig leaf tree, to your living space is another approach to this nature-based design. By incorporating some of these elements you create an ambiance of peace and serenity in your personal environment.

Brass Décor

The days of chrome and stainless steel accents are behind us. Now we are moving into the age of brass.

This subtle switch brings warmth and elegance to any area in your home. This sunshine like material can be used to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom, or even as an accent to your bedroom.

Brass maintains the sleek and polished look we loved about chrome but does so with warm tones so that we are limited to cool color schemes. If you’re into the vintage look brass is an excellent complement to complete your rustic design dreams.

Unique Light Fixtures

Whether you’re going for an artisanal or vintage look, switching up your light fixtures to something more unique is a perfect way to change the vibe in a room.

Create the ideal one-of-a-kind environment in your home by purchasing handcrafted fixtures from a local artist or a small business. Instead of your traditional fixtures, these unique fixtures become artistic eye catchers to everyone who enters your home.

Dynamic Walls

Creating a dynamic wall in your home adds life and excitement to your existing architecture. Kinetic architecture is movable and can allow any room in your home to adapt to the needs of the moment.

Whether you choose to add pivoting window walls which open your home to the outside or folding walls which can raise or lower to regulate the amount of natural light, this style of architecture is unique and functional.

Dynamic walls combine industrial technique with efficiency to gift your home a modern and mechanical twist.


The concept of eclectic clutter is outdated as design styles have shifted towards a less is more mentality. Minimalism embraces just that by creating spaces in your home that feel clean and tidy yet still comforting.

This shift towards minimalism goes hand in hand with ideas of sustainability and purchasing items that are made with ethically sourced materials. Instead of filling your wall space with various art and accessories, consider one beautiful stand-alone piece to create a timeless feel.

Patterned Backsplash

Adding a patterned accent to your bathroom or kitchen is a great way to incorporate color and personal style without going overboard. Instead of choosing a geometric tile for your flooring consider using this as a backsplash feature wall instead.

This bold design will liven up any space and creates a dynamic focal point. Patterned backsplashes are a cost-effective way to really change the energy in a room and take it from traditional to chic.

Show your own personal style by choosing from a variety of patterns. Whether you go with a Moroccan theme or just a plain color you will love this addition to your home.

Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another way to fully express your personal style. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can really take this choice in any direction.

Floral wallpaper is currently back on trend and adds a soft and feminine touch to your space. With bold color choices and refreshed patterns, this style of wallpaper can be used as the statement piece to your home.

Choose a soft and more subtle pattern for a timeless and romantic feel or go bright and bold to create the ideal space for mixing color.

Window Walls

To go in line with the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, many homeowners have decided to add window walls. This opens up your home to the tranquil views of the outside world and lets in a ton of natural light.

Many choose to do this in the kitchen area by removing some upper cabinets and opening the space to create a more expansive view.

Window walls can be used to bring the sunshine to places in your home that are typically dark and dismal, causing an area to feel open and inviting.

Fabric Mix And Match

An easy yet effective way to change your home décor is switching up your fabrics. Either via throw pillows, blankets, rugs, or even couches you can take any room from drab to fab by making some small changes.

Don’t be afraid to mix up color and texture, the contrast can make the room more interesting and bring a bit of a quirky vibe. By mixing in textures you also can create a cozy ‘lived in’ feel that will even make your guests feel right at home.

Play Around With These Amazing Designs

To find what works best for you, consider all of these amazing designs for your home. Home décor is the perfect place to add personal expression to your environment all while maintaining the comfortability you desire.  

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