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How to Get Promoted Faster: 7 Tips You Need to Know

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Getting promoted in your place of work is a milestone that you work to achieve. Many working people want to get promoted at various stages of their careers. Getting promoted means that you are progressing in your line of work.

However, promotions are not offered on a silver platter. You have to work for it by putting in extra effort in your assigned responsibilities. A promotion brings about various changes in your career such as a higher authoritative rank, a new boss, salary increment, change in title, and new team members amongst others.

A vacant position may present itself within your department or another department within the company. The vacancy occurs after an employee who was holding that position get promoted or leaves the company either through retirement, being sacked or resignation.

To get a promotion at work in your company or anywhere else, you have to be more proactive in your responsibilities and have smart strategies to get where you wish to go. Use the following seven tips on how to get promoted.

1. Be a Team Player

Every manager wishes to have employees who work as a team. They desire a team player who commits him or herself to assist fellow team members to grow and eventually lead to the growth of the company.

Position yourself well with others by being loyal and respectable to your juniors, seniors, and coworkers. Avoid negative discussions and office gossip to maintain an excellent team spirit. Having a positive attitude amongst your colleagues increases your chances of earning a promotion.

2. Get a Job in a Promotion-Friendly Organization

Big companies give more opportunities for promotion. Ensure that your company has a clear path for your career growth. If you feel your boss is not showing any signs of transitioning to other endeavors, or there no open vacancies you can occupy, consider moving to an organization that offers you the potential for growth.

When taking a new job, ask the recruiting panel about your chances of getting a promotion, and after how long will the development come. Besides, always identify industries with a high probability of growth. Research and establish companies within that industry that grow rapidly.

3. Widen Your Skills If You’re Thinking About How to Get Promoted

Working hard and showing up early at work are good indicators for a committed employee but there’s more to earning a promotion apart from that. Employers look for people who show continuous commitment to developing and improving their skills. Look for learning opportunities either within your office or outside if you’re wondering about how to get promoted at work.

This kind of development will see you grow from one job expertise to another. By expanding your skillset, you can be promoted from being a supervisor to a manager, or from a senior manager to a director.

The promotion happens during appraisal based on factors such as excellent performance or a rise in job responsibilities. The principal purpose of such promotions is to motivate staff and reward them for excellent performances.

Sponsor yourself for workshops, seminars, or conferences. This portrays your seriousness in your career growth, and you don’t need help from anybody to achieve what you desire.

4. Support Your Boss

As you work on improving your efficiency at your place of work, try to always support your boss by understanding his or her goals, vision, and priorities. Develop an effective working relationship with your seniors while maintaining a good relationship with your workmates.

You can support your boss through different ways that include:

• Actively solicit for and implement feedback from your boss.
• Anticipate what your boss needs.
• Do your research on how to improve efficiency and output.
• Understand your boss’s preferred working style.
• Let them hear problems and mistakes from you first.
• Maintain confidentiality.
• Propose corrective action when you make mistakes
• Provide good ideas and insights.
• Support your boss by noting down crucial points during critical meetings.
• Work well with colleagues and other departments.
• Make your boss shine in front of his superiors.
• Often report back and keep your boss updated.

5. Be Prepared

Always keep talking with people within your company who have been promoted before you. This will help you understand and learn what they did to get where they are and how to get a promotion at work fast. You are likely to get crucial tips from them on how you can be promoted too.

Before you request for a promotion, be prepared by listing down your significant achievements and accomplishments to strengthen your promotion case. Show what extra duties you will be executing and their benefits to the organization.

Find out how you can prepare yourself by updating your curriculum vitae or cover letter and discuss with your workmates for ideas and suggestions.

6. Make your Intentions Known

If you wish to climb the corporate ladder, talk about it. Honesty about your aspirations makes people consider you differently and realize what you look up to when a chance presents itself Share your thoughts with your boss and senior executives in your company.
In most companies, promotions occur internally without being advertised. By making your intention known, you are likely to get a recommendation of a position that is not posted.

7. Select the Right Boss

Having a good boss is one of the essential things that can happen to you. Choosing a friendly boss helps in accelerating your career growth by helping you receive a higher salary and getting promoted faster.

When searching for a job, ensure that your boss is a person you would enjoy working for. You can get the information about your boss from people who have worked for him or her before you.

Take Your Career to the Next Level

It is easier to get a job promotion at a new job than in your current organization. However, if you prove yourself capable of producing excellent work, your manager is likely to note your effort and reward you with a promotion.

If you are ready to move your career to the next level, then follow the seven listed tips on how to get promoted and they will help you work around your desire and eventually get that promotion that you desperately need.

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