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3 Ways Other Departments Can Assist Your Sales Dept

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Does your sales dept work really hard to close sales?

Your sales team is probably working harder than they should. A lot of sales teams work in silos, where they work on their own. Breaking down these silos between departments is key to better customer experience.

That will lead to more sales and more loyal customers. Read on to find out which departments you can align with your sales team.

1. Marketing

Sales and marketing have always been at odds with each other. They tend to work separately and they tend to blame each other when things go wrong.

How can you get these two departments aligned? The best way to do that is through sales enablement. What is sales enablement? It’s a way to have a streamlined approach and better track KPIs.

Another area where marketing can support sales is in lead identification. One of the biggest complaints from sales is that marketing sends them poor leads.

The sales dept chases those leads down, wasting time and money in the process. Marketing and sales can work together and identify the top-level leads. They can then work together to create customized marketing messages for the various stakeholders.

2. Legal

For salespeople that deal with complex contracts, your legal team can help them close the deal faster without giving away the farm.

Salespeople tend to sell first and ask for forgiveness later. That can mean your support teams having to tell a client “no,” when your salesperson sold something they shouldn’t have. The can leave your entire company in a lurch. The customer will be very unhappy as well.

Your legal team can get involved earlier in the process to observe communications and contracts in your CRM before the deal closes. That will help your entire company.

3. Customer Service

Does the sales dept follow up with your customers after the sale? Very few do because they have sales to close and quota to reach.

That leaves your customer service team to pick up the slack. It’s up to them to continue the customer experience and keep your customers happy.

They can start to provide a better experience by allowing customers various methods to contact with questions. While it’s easy to rely on chatbots and phone bots, customers still want to deal with a person.

You should have some kind of customer relationship management tool that allows your teams to see notes and important client information. All of your teams will be able to know what’s going on with a given customer at any time.

Better Support for Your Sales Dept

The path to a better sales performance lies in your company’s ability to knock down silos and get your departments working together.

Their work is critical in helping your sales team attract quality leads, close them, and deliver an outstanding experience after the sale.

A better customer experience all around leads to more revenue and happier, loyal customers. Visit this site often for more business articles to help you grow.

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