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How to Keep Your Weed Fresh and Heavenly

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You love everything about weed. But don’t you hate how quickly it goes bad?

A common struggle for marijuana users is figuring out how to keep weed fresh and sticky as long as possible. Weed simply does not taste the same when it has lost all of its moisture, leaving you with a harsh burn in your throat.

But don’t worry. There are certain ways in which you can extend the dankness of your weed once you get it home from the dispensary. From temperature control to light exposure, here are a few tricks to prevent your flower from going dry and losing its potency.

Moisture and Marijuana Do Not Mix

When storing your weed, consider an environment free from excessive humidity.

Moisture, in low amounts, is beneficial to maintaining the integrity of your weed. It can prevent it from becoming dry and brittle. However, having too much moisture will inevitably lead to mold. At that point, you can say goodbye to your heavenly stash.

How To Keep Weed Fresh with Proper Moisture Levels

The ideal moisture levels for marijuana are concluded to be between 0.55 and 0.65. In other words, a relative humidity level between 55% and 65% is the optimal level of moisture for your weed.

Any amount of moisture above 65% relative humidity, and your weed may begin to develop mold and ruin its usability.

Ideal Temperature Matters

When it comes to marijuana, temperature and moisture go hand in hand. Therefore, you must keep your weed in a cool place slightly below room temperature. (Think bedroom closets and sock drawers.)

Ideally, weed should be stored below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures combined with high humidity will cause that sneaky mold to make a home out of your precious pot.

That being said, you don’t want to store your weed somewhere warm and dry, either. Higher temperatures in dryer climates are also damaging, as those factors can evaporate sensitive terpenes. Simply put, this affects the taste and potency of the flower.

Marijuana Likes the Dark

Did you know that the clear bottles and bags you have been getting from dispensaries are a terrible way to store weed?

Light is the biggest culprit in the deterioration of marijuana. Keeping it in clear containers is not how to keep weed fresh.

A study conducted as far back as 1976 in the journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology discovered that light is hands down the biggest contributor to the loss of cannabinoids. It concluded that storing marijuana in a cool, dark place can help it stay usable for up to two years.

For this reason, you should always choose opaque containers that block out ultraviolet light. This way, you can keep your weed from degradation through light exposure.

Use cannabis labels to organize your bottles by date and type of flower. That’s the only way to keep track of when your weed should be used.

Keeping Your Weed as Fresh as Possible

All of the tips on how to keep weed fresh boil down to limiting environmental exposure. Store your weed in a dark, airtight glass container with humidity packs. That’s the ideal storage solution for keeping weed nice and fresh.

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