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Upgrade Your Space: How to Decorate a Loft Space

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Living in a loft apartment comes with several benefits including an open floor plan and stunning ceiling heights. Loft apartments are ideal for those living in areas where the view is always breathtaking. You chose your current loft because of all the factors that made you fall in love with it, and you don’t regret your choice one bit.

However, knowing how to decorate a loft is sometimes difficult. With so much open space, it might be hard to picture where everything should go, know how things should be decorated, or know what type of furnishings to use. If you’ve recently moved into a new loft apartment or are just ready to upgrade your space, then you’ll want to continue reading below.

Decorating a loft apartment can be tricky at first. But once you understand the space and the layout, you’ll quickly begin to see how everything should be placed together. Here’s everything you need to know about decorating a loft space!

Create Defined Spaces

When living in a loft, you’ll need to create defined spaces. The loft itself is one large space, but to give you the functionality you need to live in your home, you’ll need separate spaces throughout your loft. There are several ways you can create these defined spaces without taking away from the loft feel.

For example, you can use screens, curtains, or sliding doors to separate specific “rooms” in your loft. Area rugs are a great way to define separate spaces throughout your loft and are a simple fix.

You should also consider using furniture pieces that have multiple purposes such as a couch with a bed in it. You can also use the vertical space in your apartment as well to save space on the ground level.

Use Smart Storage Techniques

When living the loft lifestyle, you may learn that it’s hard to find a good amount of space for storage. Using built-in storage is a great way to create smart storage space. You should also use the height of your loft to your advantage when it comes to building storage.

Another great idea is to use more multipurpose pieces that function as both storage and something else. For example, you can use an ottoman that opens and acts as a storage space. Open shelving is a good way to store your favorite items while keeping the open feel of the loft alive.

Create an Art Gallery Wall

Loft apartments tend to have large walls. These large blank walls act as the perfect setup for a creative art gallery. Imagine having all of your favorite photographs and art pieces gathered together on one large wall.

Even if you don’t have a whole bunch of art to hang up right away, you can still begin to create your wall. Let it fill up over time as you take more photos or find more interesting pieces. Start in the middle of the wall and then work your way out, so make sure that the middle piece is something you truly love.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match as well. This includes mixing different types of art, photos, and sizes.

Use the Right Lighting

Because your loft most likely has high ceilings, you’ll want to bring attention to them by choosing the right type of light fixtures. Use light fixtures that’ll capture the eye and awe everyone who sees them. For public spaces like the living room, kitchen, or entryway, hang beautiful chandeliers that hang high.

For more intimate spaces like the bedroom and dining room, choose light fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers that hang low. For other areas in your loft that need a bit more focused lighting, turn to lamps. You can use either table lamps or floor lamps.

Install Interior Glass Doors

Installing tall interior glass doors is a great way to define a certain space in your loft such as a bedroom. If possible, have the glass doors reach high to meet the ceilings for a dramatic effect. You can then keep this space visible when not in the bedroom to show off your loft’s wide spaces.

However, when needing more privacy, you can draw the curtains and have an actual bedroom.

Blend Your Ladder

The best loft ladder for your apartment depends on how much space you have and what it is you’re looking for. Some ladders can be made to blend into their surroundings as if they’re not even there. This is a good option for you if you’re looking to save space in your loft.

You can get creative with where you place your ladder and what kind of ladder to use. If living in a loft that has an industrial design, then it might be best to choose a ladder style that’s more industrial. It all depends on the loff’s overall design and your style preferences as well.

Keep the Scale in Mind

At the very least, be sure to keep scale in mind when selecting your furnishings. Because your loft is a large open space, you won’t want to use small pieces of furniture. Instead, go with much larger pieces that’ll make your home feel comfortable.

You can then mix it up a bit by adding in some medium-sized pieces with the larger pieces.

Learning How to Decorate a Loft Is Exciting!

Do you now know how to decorate a loft? We hope this guide was a big help! Once you understand these few tips listed above, decorating becomes simple and exciting.

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