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Unusual New Food Trends That Really Help Your Health

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When was the last time you ate something unusual or exotic? We’re talking about stuff like bacon ice cream, crispy crickets, or grasshopper tacos.

Believe it or not, many of these weird foods are actually healthy. Bugs, for instance, are chock-full of protein. Seaweed and other unusual greens pack hefty doses of minerals.

More and more food manufacturers are investing in insect protein. They use dried crickets and other bugs in protein bars, bug protein flours, and paleo candies. This is just of the many unusual food trends on the rise.

Ready for a challenge? Start with these new food trends that really help your health:


Touted as natural digestive aid, dulse is growing in popularity. This seaweed boasts large amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and other minerals. When consumed regularly, it keeps your bones strong and lowers blood pressure.

Rich in vitamin C, this plant boosts immune function and supports overall health. It’s also an excellent source of iodine, which keeps your thyroid functioning at its peak.

To reap the benefits, use dulse in your favorite, smoothies, and vegetable dishes. You can also serve it with meat or fish.

Inulin Powder

Inulin has long been known for its ability to heal the gut. This dietary fiber is a natural prebiotic, so it feeds the healthy bacteria living in your GI tract. It can be found in bananas, garlic, asparagus, onions, and other plant-based foods.

Lately, food manufacturers have started to offer inulin powder. This supplement promotes gut health and improves digestion. Check out this post to learn more!


Until recently, quinoa was considered the king of grains based on its protein content. The new rising star is teff, an ancient grain that packs huge doses of fiber and protein.

One cup delivers 10 grams of protein, seven grams of fiber, and just 255 calories. On top of that, it’s a great source of B-complex vitamins, iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium.

This ancient grain improves digestion, relieves PMS, and supports bone health. The B vitamins help prevent and ward off depression.

Since teff contains no gluten, it’s safe for those with Celiac disease.

Bone Broth Popsicles

For those seeking new food trends, bone broth popsicles are a true delight! These delicious treats are made with coconut milk and bone broth, offering a myriad of benefits.

Rich in collagen, bone broth improves skin appearance and strengthens your joints. It also balances gut flora and helps in treating leaky gut syndrome. Moreover, it relieves joint pain and promotes muscle growth.

These popsicles taste so good that you’d never guess what they’re made of! On top of that, they come in a wide range of flavors, from cherry and banana to wild fruits.

New Food Trends That Are Worth Checking Out

Whether you want to try something new or stay healthy, these new food trends are worth checking out. You can also experiment with acai bowls, fly burgers, hemp flour.

Healthy eating is anything but boring. With so many delicious foods, your diet will never be the same.

What are the most unusual foods you’ve ever tried? Share your experience below!

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