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7 Tips to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Productive

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Do you often wonder how you can engage your employees to be prosperous each day they show up to work?

So many team members need to learn how to stay motivated while on the clock in a world where we are glued to our cell phone screens.

According to the Statistics of U.S. Businesses, small businesses employ approximately 19.4 million people in the country. Business establishments should be a place for employees to seek not only income growth but professional growth, too.

Find out what you can implement in your workplace to train your employees to be the most productive versions of themselves right now and improve work engagement.

1. Give Feedback

One of the easiest ways you can improve work engagement levels in your shared office space is to provide your employees with feedback. One example of how you can do this is through WorkSocial Training Rooms.

You can set up a time during the week to meet up with each employee on a one-on-one basis. Consider taking them out for a lunch date to go over the ideas you have to increase productivity.

Observe your employees while they are at work to see how you can help them reach their potential by making small changes.

Your employees will appreciate how you decide to take time out of your day to focus on their work ethic to make small steps in the right direction.

Offering a sense of compassion is key. Make sure you handle the conversion from a positive mindset to keep the air free of tension. Gently ease your feedback into the back and forth nature of your lunch for the best results.

Suggesting how your employees can tackle different areas for improvement is just one way you will increase work engagement for all.

2. Work Engagement Improves with a Productive Environment

If the environment you provide your employees to work in has no room for freedom of expression during their downtime, then you may need to make a few simple changes.

Employees need their own space to be creative and get their juices flowing, no matter how small their office cubicles are.

Consider adding a fun zone where your employees can talk to each other while playing a game or listening to music. Everyone needs a break from their day to day tasks to reboot.

Some office games and features that work to improve work engagement include:

  1. Guess Who
  2. Jenga
  3. Having a “Success Ball”
  4. Musical Chairs
  5. Ping-pong
  6. Foosball
  7. Art murals on the office walls

Productivity will improve if people are able to escape for a while and unwind while in the office space.

Your employees will feel energized to begin working again once they have a bit of fun on the job!

3. Effective Leadership

Nothing is better than transparency as a leader.

You need to be the boss who will tell it like it is.

Having a straightforward approach to handling your employees is easily one of the best ways to boost work engagement.

If you are upfront with your employees, then they know what is expected of them each day they show up to work. Earning their trust is imperative to form a successful relationship.

You need to follow through with your actions to prove your trustworthy character to all of your hardworking employees to ensure they can count on you to keep your word.

4. Talk to Your Employees to Meet Their Needs

If you are upfront with your employees, then they will trust you to listen to their demands. Socializing with everyone is a major part of earning trust.

Work engagement will improve once your team can feel that their professional lives are important to the management division of the company.

Nobody likes to feel left out or ignored. Pay attention to the needs of your employees to constantly check in on how they are doing.

Not only does this benefit your relationship with your employee, but it gives you a chance to reflect on your powerful leadership role in the company.

5. Promote a Healthy Work/Life Balance

People who work for you are going to be family-oriented at some point in their lives.

This means their focus will shift from work, work, work to one of a work and personal life balance act.

Continue to promote a balance of work and outside priorities at your company to excel at improving work engagement.

Your employees ought to focus on their health and mental well-being in addition to work responsibilities to create a lifestyle that makes them feel their best during the work week.

6. Be A Team Player

As the popular saying goes, “There is no I in team”. This phrase holds true for your business structure, too.

Companies are built on relationships between co-workers and management.

Once you entice your employees with a strong work/life balance, they will become team players to keep rising the work engagement level.

Find yourself working in a healthy and enjoyable environment with people who are willing to be a team based on trust.

7. Show Appreciation for Your Employees

One final tip for keeping your employees engaged and productive throughout the long work week is to show your appreciation.

The appreciation you show to your employees can take place in a few ways.

You can highlight an employee for his or her exceptional work for that month by offering him or her a gift card bonus. Incentives are great tools to achieve work engagement.

Don’t hesitate to ask your employees what types of incentives they want to see either!

You can create a competition to see who will achieve the best customer service numbers on the job once you let your employees know the stakes.

Voice your appreciation whenever you deem it appropriate. Even if you just resort to saying “thank you” to a specific person, it will mean a lot.

A lot of the time employees can feel neglected. Even if they are constantly doing an excellent job, it’s important to let them know!

Words are powerful and coming from a leader in command, they will leave a long-lasting impact.

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