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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Australia’s Gold Coast Region

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Before traveling to Australia, many are cautioned with the following words,

“Be careful, Australia is paradise, but everything there will try to kill you.”

These well-intending naysayers are obviously referring to the unbridled wildlife and gritty nature scenes for which Australia is renown.

But after traveling there, one must wonder if comments like these are part of a grand scheme to protect mother nature’s favorite child from being overwhelmed by tourists.

The Gold Coast region, in particular, is a stunning demonstration of all the beauty the world has to offer.

Well, Mother Nature, the secret’s out! Here are three things about the Gold Coast Region you might not know.

1. Surfer’s Paradise

As its name hints, the Gold Coast’s eastern shoreline is graced with expansive, sandy beaches.

What it doesn’t tell you is that this coastline acts as a Mecca for surfers around the world.

Surfing exploded in the Gold Coast area in the mid-sixties and still boasts as being one of the most sought-after surf capitals of the world.

Favorable weather, impressive breaks, and wide beaches make the Gold Coast ideal for those learning and those who have mastered surfing.

In a Greenland vs Iceland style name flip, the actual beach named “Surfer’s Paradise” is an attractive tourist hub, but not the best place for catching waves.

The true surf beaches are farther south. Locals will direct you to Currumbin Alley, Superbank, or Burleigh Heads.

For the type who can’t find a high enough SPF to spend an entire beach-day in the Australian sun, read more here to find some cooler coastal activities.

2. The Gold Coast Region Islands

A less well-known nugget of Gold Coast beauty is its islands.

In particular, the Stradbroke Islands and the areas surrounding them are bursting with wildlife.

Tangles of mangroves, pristine beaches, brilliant blue surf, and trails that journey through miles of lush, untouched vegetation are all offered in a trip to Straddie.

Native to the island are kangaroos, koalas, blue-ringed octopi, curlews, kookaburras, and a host of other ocean animals that can be seen in their natural habitat.

There are countless places to camp, trails to hike, and beaches to swim.

The months of June through November are particularly special time for Straddie Island visitors. From shore, pods of humpback whales are regularly seen as they gather in the warm waters for breeding season.

3. Botanical Gardens

Another thing worth celebrating in the Gold Coast is its huge botanical garden smack dab in the middle of the city.

Free and open to the public year round, the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Garden is an oasis full of lush vegetation, native trees, lagoons, and unique bird and insect species.

Several of the themed gardens are synchronized with an app designed to teach patrons about the different plants.

The Butterfly Garden, Rainforest Grove, Sensory Garden, and Gum Tree Corridor are among the more popular interactive highlights of the park.

Additionally, the park hosts events like plant tours, tea parties, and educational games for children.

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