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10 Unique Promotional Ideas For Creative Marketing

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Are you out of creating marketing ideas?

Promotional marketing products can have a big impact on your business. When you add promotional products to your marketing initiatives, you can increase your brand’s awareness by 44%.

People are being sold to every minute of every day. They’re exposed to as much as 10,000 brand messages per day.

A promotional product is a great way to start a conversation with someone or introduce them to your company. When you give someone a promotional product, their guard comes down so that they’re more open to receiving your brand messages.

Would you like to know how you can add promotional products into your marketing?

Keep reading for 10 creative marketing ideas.

1. Grassroots Marketing

What’s old is new again. With so many people focusing on online marketing, people have forgotten about the lost art of conversation.

In politics, you see a lot of grassroots marketing, such as door-to-door campaigns to try to win votes.

You can do the same for your business. Start to introduce yourself and your business to your neighbors and drop off a gift. That can be a simple as a promotional item like a lanyard from this website.

2. Hang Out in a Coffee Shop

If the door to door approach doesn’t appeal to you, there is another option.

Hit your local coffee shop.

Now, you’ll need a device that can spur conversation. Check out iTrainOnline. This is a site for Online Personal Trainers to order a sticker and put in on a laptop or water bottle or anything visible.

They go sit in a coffee shop and the message is so unusual, people come up and talk to them about it.

Trainers have been known to get clients that way.

3. Have a Contest

People love free stuff. They’ll do crazy things for free stuff.

You can make them do crazy stuff by giving away cool promotional items.

Your contest can be something that’s relevant to your brand. If your brand is a little edgy, you can have a contest that is just as edgy.

RedBull is well known for its promotional contests. That’s how it became a multi-billion dollar brand.

One contest by Red Bull asked its fans to come up with an ad campaign. You don’t need to have people create an ad campaign, but you can have them share their creative talents.

4. Stand Out at a Trade Show

Promotional products are made for trade shows. They’re perfect to use to get in front of your ideal client.

Trade shows usually attract business travelers if it’s a B2B conference. You can giveaway or create a drawing for some incredible products that are useful for business travelers.

A USB car charger strap or even socks are creative ways to reach this audience.

5. Sponsor a Sports Team

A way to get your brand out is the local community is to sponsor a local sports team.

You’ll have your brand printed on the team’s uniforms, and you can throw in promotional items that the kids and parents can enjoy.

That’s a way to build brand loyalty for generations.

6. Give Away Useful Products

One of the goals of promotional marketing is to get your brand in front of people over and over again.

You can’t do that if your promotional products are sitting in a desk drawer somewhere.

The key to successful promotional marketing is to have your brand on products that people will use.

Massage balls and water bottles are used by gym-goers and athletes.

Pens and coffee mugs are used by everyone.

There are hundreds of promotional products. Choose something that you know won’t sit in a desk drawer for months.

7. Know What Your Target Market Loves

Whenever you’re creating creative marketing campaigns, you always have to think about what your market wants.

Would a business traveler want a massage ball? Maybe, maybe not.

When you choose products, they have to be what people will use AND what they want.

8. Creative Marketing with T-Shirts

A guy who owned a marketing agency made over $900,000 by wearing his company’s t-shirts.

He wore them everywhere he went. The shirts had clever messaging and they started conversations with people.

He would talk about his business and if someone is interested in their business, he’d exchange business cards with them.

That strategy turned into a cash cow.

9. Make Your Products and Promotion Relevant

You have to make the products you give away relevant to the consumer. In the fitness industry, you see gyms give away t-shirts, water bottles, and bags.

That’s relevant to their audience and it’s relevant to the services they provide.

If they were to give away something completely unrelated to fitness, like an iPad cover, the promotion could fall flat because it’s not clear what the brand is about.

10. Use Quality Products

If you’re going to go through all of that effort to create a creative marketing campaign using promotional products, don’t let it fall flat because you decided to go cheap on the products.

Think of it this way, if you were to get a cheap pen from some company, would you use it or would you throw it out because you already have a ton of cheap pens?

If someone’s first interaction with your brand is through a cheap pen, do you think that they’re going to have a good impression of your company?

Give people good, quality products that are worth keeping. Your brand will be with them longer and they’ll have a much better impression of your company.

Don’t Wait to Order Promotional Products

Are you ready to use promotional products for your next creative marketing campaign?

If you are already brainstorming ideas, you’re going to want to have a plan and be ready to take action. The longer you wait, the more likely it will be that your products won’t arrive in time for your promotion.

Be sure to get your plan set and products ordered with plenty of time to spare.

Did you enjoy these marketing tips?

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