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12 DIY Self Defense Weapons You Can Make Yourself

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Ever wanted to carry a self-defense weapon but didn’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing one?

After all, violent crimes reported in the country are now at 1.2 million per year. People get mugged at every corner nowadays. If you want to protect yourself with weapons, you need to have the ability to protect your home in any way you can.

The best way you can do this is to have your own personal defense weapons. Making simple weapons out of anything is a skill. Here are twelve of them you can do by yourself:

#1: Homemade Pepper Spray

It’s easy to carry and it’s useful when trying to protect yourself anywhere. Get a spray bottle or a can and clean it out. Get the hottest chili peppers you can find and mix it on a bowl.

Add water to make the chili flakes float. Crush the dried peppers with a spoon, add black pepper and start stirring. Heat the mixture using the microwave and let it cool before putting it on the spray bottle.

#2: Slingshot

It’s the classic weapon with easy-to-find ammo. It’s easy to make since you’ll most likely need a suitable twig, some rubber, and a bit of leather where you can hold the pebble. It’s a simple and portable DIY weapon that can save your life in desperate situations.

#3: Bullwhip

Buy a survival paracord, around 6-8 feet. Tape up the side you want as the handle and tie a short string to the opposite end. It’s important to do because it produces the cracking sound when you whip it.

It’s the sound of the whip breaking the sound barrier. It still works without it, but it’s less menacing without the cracking sound.

#4: Throwing Spikes

When you’re in desperate situations, the best way to make throwing weapons is to bind shards of glass you can find. It’s pretty dangerous if you’re not that dexterous, but it gives you one-time use simple weapons you can throw. This can at least discourage your pursuers and all you to escape.

#5: Caltrops

If you want to stop vehicles pursuing you, this DIY weapon is your best bet. You can weld or fasten the blunt ends of nails to make a road spike. Doing this ensures the sharp end points up all the time.

Filling the road with these will hinder almost any vehicle by blowing up their rubber tires.

#6: Blunt Weapons

These are one of the easiest weapons to make. These simple weapons are easy to find and you can upgrade them without much expertise. You can use a lot of different things for clubs, like table legs for example.

Even adding a few nails to a club upgrades its destructive power a lot. But if you need a more effective self-defense weapon, you can shop now and get the best protection you can afford.

#7: Knife or Shiv

You can find a lot of objects out there you can turn into knives or shanks. However, you need to put a handle so you won’t cut yourself using it. In most penal communities, they can make harmless toothbrushes into deadly knives.

You can turn any mundane item into sharp shanks with enough patience.

#8: Homemade Hammer

Attaching a weight to the end of a pole makes it a war hammer. When trying to survive, you can find ways to attach something as simple as a brick to a pipe’s end. You can always find ingenious ways to attach the weight and make it more durable and deadlier.

#9: Pocket Blowguns

It’s easy to make since all you’ll need is a long tube. For projectiles, you need pointy ones like pencils. Alternatively, you can always sharpen sticks and fashion them into wooden darts. Ensure that the projectiles fit into the blowgun so you can build pressure before you release the object.

A great means of doing so is using wrapping tape around the dart’s blunt end.

#10: Fountain Pens

Sometimes, you don’t need to modify a mundane item to make it into a weapon. Fountain pens are great because they have the potential to be as pointy as a knife. This allows you to take it wherever you go without getting too much attention from people.

Pens are great for stabbing. You need to target the abdomen because that part has the soft, easy-to-penetrate tissues. If you want it to become more effective, you can file the tip into a sharper point.

#11: Canes and Walking Sticks

While most elderly people use these to move about, you can use it to defend yourself. They’re not considered as assault weapons so you can bring them without worrying about security inspections. You can use it with little to no modifications because the blunt force is enough to hurt your attackers.

#12: Sock Weapons

This weapon is one of the most creative ones out there. You can make it within minutes, especially when you stuff a roll of quarters into your sock. You can face your attacker as soon as possible, and the blunt force generated by the weight of the quarters can do serious damage on their head or ribs.

If you want to achieve the best results, you need longer socks. This allows you to have a further reach and greater striking power. As an alternative, you can attach a padlock on the sock’s end to achieve the same results.

Learn More About Personal Defense Weapons Today!

Having the ability to protect yourself is always great. The world is quite dangerous as it is, so it’s important you can make weapons out of the mundane things you have. With this, you should learn more about how to make DIY personal defense weapons on the go to ensure you’re always prepared.

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