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Get Closer to Your Goals With Mood Boards!

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Have you always wanted to create a personal mood board — but just aren’t sure how to get started?

Do you feel like your mind has been all over the place lately, and wonder if creating mood boards will help you to center yourself and better focus your ideas?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll cover not only the benefits of creating a DIY vision board, but also the elements they should include.

The Benefits of Mood Boards

One of the best things about vision boards?

They can serve as constant reminders of your goals. They’ll also help you to create a more structured path to achieving them.

The right personal mood board can help you to decide on a color pallet for a wedding, influence the kind of career you want to go into, or just help you to create the perfect new look for spring.

You’ll be able to combine colors, patterns, textures, and even ideas and photos of destinations where you want to travel.

Plus, they also help to give you a few minutes away from technology.

While sites like Pinterest can definitely help you to create an awesome digital mood board, sometimes, the overload of images can get overwhelming.

Pick up a few of your favorite magazines, flip through old newspapers or even $1 used photography books, and start creating.

How to Create a Personal Mood Board

Now that you know a little bit more about the benefits of making an inspiration board?

Let’s move onto talking about how to create the perfect mood board for any life event, occasion, or even branding strategy.

First of all, ensure that your mood board is focusing on only one event, room you want to decorate, or subject in general.

Not only is it much more fun to create multiple boards, but it will also help to prevent ideas from becoming muddled.

Try to choose no more than 7-10 images in total, and ensure that you’ve left a good 1/4-inch margin or so between each one. This will make it easier to take in, and will allow you to jot down any notes you need to (especially helpful in a business context.)

Finally, vary the type and subject matter of the images you choose. For example, look for one image that reflects the color pallet you want, another that highlights the feelings you want to create, and another image that shows trends you want to incorporate.

To create a mood board in just a few minutes, try this tool from Adobe. It’s perfect for making portable boards that you need to take to a meeting.

It’s Time to Make Mood Boards!

No matter what kind of mood boards you’re creating or the reason why you need a better way to organize your thoughts and ideas, we hope that you’ve found this post helpful.

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