Everything You Need to Know About CBG and Its Benefits

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You’ve heard of cannabis. You’ve heard of THC. You’ve probably heard of CBD oil.

But what about the quiet kid on the block, CBG?

Cannabigerol (CBG) is your secret weapon to helping a whole range of health issues. Never heard of it? Keep reading.

What Is CBG Oil?

Cannabigerol (CBG) oil is made from the hemp or marijuana plant. It can be made from either, but it is much easier to extract in strong concentrations from industrial hemp.

The oil is classed as a supplement and not a medication. This means it’s available online and over-the-counter at health stores without the need for a prescription.

However, if you’re taking any prescription medications and want to try CBG oil, make sure you talk to your pharmacist or doctor first as it could affect your medications.

How Is CBG Oil Made?

CBG is produced in the early stages of the plant growth. It’s then extracted from the early bud flowering stage of the plant. The extract is mixed with a base oil, such as hemp or almond oil, to achieve the most effective concentration for easy dosing.

Will CBG Get Me High?

CBG is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid compound. In short, that means you can’t get high from it.

The compound that gets you high from cannabis, THC, is not present in CBG. The precursor to CBG, which is ca

In fact, CBG can act as a THC blocker, which is why marijuana strains with very high THC levels need to also have a high amount of CBG. Otherwise, you risk a very bad trip.

Are CBD and CBG the Same?

Both CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) are produced from marijuana or hemp plants, but they are formed at different stages of the growth process.

They are related in terms of origin and a similar molecular makeup, but they aren’t the same thing. Neither CBD oil nor CBG will get you high.

Is CBG Legal?

CBG made from hemp oil is legal in all states. CBG made from cannabis oil is only legal in states where marijuana has been legalized. Make sure you check your state legislation on cannabis, and the origin of your CBG oil!

How Does It Work?

CBG is a cannabinoid compound. The human body has an endocannabinoid system which affects a wide range of things from your nervous ‘fight or flight’ response through to reducing inflammation at an injury site.

CBG oil helps to mimic or stimulate the natural endocannabinoid response to pain, inflammation, or endocrine distress.

How Do I Take CBG Oil?

There are many ways to consume CBG oil, so it’s down to personal preference and how fast you want to feel the effects (or how long-lasting you want them to be).

Many people use CBG oil sublingually, as drops underneath the tongue. This allows the CBG to enter the bloodstream very quickly for almost-immediate effects. The effects will also pass through your system at greater speed, so won’t last as long as some other methods.

You can eat CBG oil by putting it into edibles such as cookies. This will have a slower-burn in terms of feeling the effects but will last much longer.

Some who take CBG even vape it as an inhalant, while others take a pill form. It’s really up to you!

What is CBG Used For?

There are many uses for CBG oil; some are backed up by research while others are still in the anecdotal stages. More research needs to be done on cannabigerol but there are many already-documented uses, including:

1. Chronic Pain

The CBG molecules work in the same way as receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. This includes acting to reduce pain and inflammation at specific sites or across the body.

Chronic pain sufferers take prescription painkillers that have bad side effects such as drowsiness or mental confusion. Taking CBG oil mimics the body’s own pain relieving processes, reducing pain without the side effects of prescription medication.

2. Reducing Nausea

CBG will help to reduce feelings of nausea caused by illness, depression, anxiety or stress.

It acts as an appetite stimulant too, so if you’re struggling to maintain a healthy weight due to nausea this oil could help.

3. Alleviating Symptoms of Depression

Chronic depression is difficult to handle for both the sufferer and their loved ones. CBG oil reduces the effects of depression in a number of ways. It can improve the quality of sleep, which in turn boosts mood.

CBG oil also releases serotonin and dopamine, both of which are depleted in people with depression.

4. Antibacterial Properties

A surprising benefit of CBG oil is its strong antibacterial properties. It can even battle the difficult-to-treat MRSA bug which is antibiotic-resistant.

It’s been known since the 1950s that the cannabis plant could offer antibacterial protection, but until recently has not been used because of the psychoactive elements of the plant. CBG provides all of the antibacterial benefits without the psychoactive side effects.

5. Insomnia

Cannabinoids have a positive effect on the sleep cycle, inducing higher quality sleep for longer periods of time. It does this without a sedative effect. Instead, the relaxing side effect of CBG oil works with the body’s natural rhythms to induce high-quality sleep cycles.

CBG also enhances the alpha waves produced by the brain, so when taken during the daytime it provides a ‘wakeful relaxation’ state. A person taking CBG will be fully alert but calm, and able to operate in a focused manner.

More Ways CBG Could Help

There are many more ways CBG could improve health conditions, but at the moment there is little research into these effects. Some say it has reduced tumor size in cancer patients, while others have shown a reduced number of epileptic seizures since taking therapeutic doses.

Read more about uses for CBG oil to find out if your condition could be alleviated by taking it.

Keep Calm and CBG On

One of the key themes in all uses for CBG oil is the calming effect it has on the body, without causing sedation.

Avoiding and reducing anxiety is essential to living a calm and productive life. If you need more help than just a bit of CBG oil to reduce your anxiety, check out these seven tips that’ll help you stay calm.

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