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Use a Unique Promotional Item: 8 Creative Promotional Products That Stand the Test of Time

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Do you want to promote your business to people right now and, more importantly, make sure they remember it for months and potentially even years to come?

You can do it by hooking them up with a unique promotional item that will keep your company in the front of their minds for the foreseeable future. Creative promotional products are an excellent way to take your business to the next level.

But before you start slapping your business name and logo on every promo product you can find, spend time thinking about which products will stand the test of time. You want something people will enjoy using moving forward.

Here are 8 creative promotional products you might want to consider using.

1. Travel Chargers

Most people are obsessed with their cell phones these days. So much so that about 90 percent of people admit to suffering from anxiety related to a low cell phone battery.

If you want to ensure that people remember your business, one unique promotional item you can give them is a travel charger with your company’s logo printed on it. They’ll turn to that charger early and often when they’re out on the road.

As silly as it might sound, they’ll appreciate your business when they’re down to the last few bars of battery life on their phone, even if your business doesn’t have anything to do with phones. They might even be more likely to patronize your business simply because of the power you helped provide for them.

2. PopSockets

Travel chargers aren’t the only cell phone accessories you can gift to people to make them remember your business.

You can also give them PopSockets with your company’s logo on them. PopSockets attach directly to a person’s phone and make it easier for them to hold it.

Since people have their phones in their hands almost constantly, they’ll be exposed to your logo dozens of times every day when it’s on their PopSocket. They’ll also expose other people to your logo, which makes this a worthwhile unique promotional item.

3. Insulated Tote Bags

More and more cities and states are banning plastic bags. As a result, lots of people are starting to use tote bags to carry things around.

Your business could benefit greatly by giving people insulated tote bags that they can use to carry around food and other items. They’ll turn to these items all the time when they don’t have a plastic bag handy.

There are many restaurants, supermarkets, and other food-related businesses that have seen a great return on insulated tote bags. Your business could be next.

4. Sunglasses

Is there anything more frustrating than realizing that you’ve misplaced a pair of sunglasses? It’s such a pain that there was once a company that created sunglasses capable of texting their owner if they ever went missing.

You don’t have to go to that extreme when creating a unique promotional item. But people will love receiving free promo sunglasses from your business. They’ll allow them to replace missing sunglasses with ones that feature your name and logo on them.

5. Stress Balls

Americans are more stressed out than ever before these days. Roughly 80 percent of people revealed they feel stressed out regularly during a poll taken in late 2017.

Why not let people take some of their stress out with a stress ball?

You can design a stress ball to look and feel like just about anything these days. Whether you want to slap some hair on it and make it look like a person or forget the “ball” part altogether and create a stress toy, you have options.

Stress balls will sit on a person’s desk for years without moving. That will allow you to promote your company to them over and over again without much effort on your part.

6. Promotional Mugs and Other Drinkware

The majority of Americans drink between two and three cups of coffee per day.

Why not use that to your advantage by putting your business name and logo on the sides of promotional mugs that you pass out? Dynamic Gift has some truly special mugs for you to choose from.

There are other forms of drinkware that might work well, too. You can pick from:

  • Thermal travel mugs
  • Printed plastic cups
  • Reusable carry cups
  • Vacuum flasks
  • 2-in-1 drinking mugs
  • And so much more

Mugs and other drinkware will get used. They’re some of the most effective promo products around.

7. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs were extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s before turning into a laughingstock in the 2000s.

But today, fanny packs are back in a big way. They’re now commonly called “waist bags,” but no matter what you call them, they’re a great marketing tool.

Place your business name and logo on the front of them, and they’ll essentially turn people into walking billboards for your brand when they use them. They’ll also serve a very practical purpose for your customers who want to use them to carry things.

8. Socks

The idea of getting socks as a gift might conjure up thoughts of your grandmother giving them to you for Christmas. But socks have turned into a fun way for many brands to promote their products and services.

You can make socks that are colorful as you want and print just about anything on them. They’re yet another unique promotional item that will turn those who wear them into billboards for your company.

Find the Right Unique Promotional Item to Promote Your Business

This is just a small sampling of the creative promotional products you can buy to hand out to your customers.

There are so many options available for businesses today. The key for your company is to find the right unique promotional item so that it stands the test of time.

You want your customers to hold onto your promo products for as long as possible to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Take a look at our blog to learn more about the other ways to market your business effectively.

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