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5 Signs There Are Serious Issues With Your House Plumbing System

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According to experts, hiring a plumber costs between $172 and $455. This cost may vary on a location and project basis. Preventing costly repairs and protecting your house plumbing system is as easy as learning how to spot issues.

You may think only plumbers can notice these problems, but that’s far from the truth. Don’t know how?

We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 signs you should look for to spot common plumbing issues before it’s too late.

1. Sluggish or Clogged Drains

Is there stagnant water in your sink or bathroom? Does it take a long time for water to go down the drain? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there may be a blockage in your pipes.

While you may think you can do it, you should contact a plumber. A plumbing professional can remove these blockages without using harmful chemicals. A plumber will also verify this sign isn’t the root of a bigger problem.

2. Bad Odor Coming Out From Your Drains

You may think your drain smelling like a sewer is normal, but that isn’t okay. Every drain has a trap and vent to stop sewer gases from entering your home.

A cracked vent line or a trap running dry are usually causing these bad odors to come out from your drain. You should try your best to get this fixed as soon as possible to prevent any health issues.

3. Water Bill Skyrockets Suddenly

While utilities often fluctuate depending on the season, you should be wary of any spikes in your water bill. When your utility invoice skyrockets, make sure to compare your water consumption to the last few months.

If you see your water consumption spiked for no reason, it’s time to contact a plumber. A running toilet or major leaks are typical causes of this sign.

4. Low Water Flow Throughout Your Home

Homeowners often blame the Water Utilities Department for low water pressure. Yet, the real problem can be as simple as problems with the faucet aerator.

Sometimes you may experience low water flow on several locations in your home. If this situation sounds familiar, you may be dealing with a leak in the supply line, water main, or heater issues. While it may sound scary, you shouldn’t wait until later and contact a professional like this custom plumber Phoenix AZ to fix this issue.

5. Paint Starts to Peel Off Your Walls or Ceiling

You may think paint bubbling or peeling off are signs of repainting your walls. However, these issues are often caused by a leak in your roof or a pipe.

This situation can turn into a nightmare if you wait until it’s too late. Keep in mind these leaks can create optimum conditions for mold growth.

Is It Time to Fix Your House Plumbing System?

Learning the signs to spot serious issues with your house plumbing system is the starting point to prevent awful damages to your property. While we discussed the most common signs, you should always keep your eyes peeled to spot any unusual water damage.

You may think it’s better to try to fix it yourself. However, you should consider contacting a local plumber. An expert will help you prevent further damage and offer a long-term solution.

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