Soulmate Signs: 10 Clues That Let You Know You’ve Found the One

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Do you believe you’re destined for true love?

According to a Marist poll, 73% of Americans believe in soulmates. They believe that there is one perfect person out there who is meant to be their romantic partner for the rest of their life.

How can you know when you’ve found your soulmate? Arielle Ford, author of “The Soulmate Secret”, has described it as a feeling of familiarity about the other person and a sense of “being at home.”

There are many other ways you can tell you’ve found the right person. Here are ten soulmate signs that usually signal a person could be-or is-your soulmate.

1. It’s the Right Time for Both of You to be Together

If someone checks off all of the boxes on your list of an ideal partner but they’re married or otherwise partnered up, they are not your soulmate. A soulmate will be truly available both physically and emotionally to enter a relationship with you.

They also make time to be with you and want to see you.

There are many stories of people who dated each other in high school then reconnected years later when both found themselves divorced. Sometimes situations need to change for two people to be together.

However, when two people are over past relationships and open for love again, the pairing can feel like magic.

2. You Feel Like You Can Tell Each Other Anything

When you feel extremely comfortable with someone to the point that you can reveal your flaws and quirks without fear of being judged, that’s a good sign you’re with a soulmate. You also feel like you can truly be your authentic self and not like you’re putting on an act.

3. You Know How to Communicate

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, which is why soulmates don’t let something fester and bother them. They address it in a constructive and healthy manner.

Arguing doesn’t get out of control, and they don’t have fights that get physical and violent. Instead, they know how to talk things through, respect each other’s point of view, and know how to compromise.

4. You Share the Same Goals in Life

Do you both want to have children? Do you want to relocate to another part of the country? Are you OK with sharing a joint savings account?

In addition to being completely available for a relationship, soulmates are also in agreement about what each other wants in life.

They are on the same page when it comes to family planning, dealing with finances, pet preferences, and general life goals.

5. You Cheer Each Other On

Soulmates are supportive of one another, through the tough times as well as the good times. They are each other’s soft place for them to fall and their personal cheerleader when they accomplish an important goal.

A soulmate would never put you down or make you feel like you don’t matter or that your dreams are not important.

6. You’re OK Spending Time Apart

Soulmates know that couples don’t need to be together 24 hours a day, every day of the week. They understand that a little time apart-whether it’s “me time” or an outing with friends is healthy for their overall relationship.

Chances are you have your own circle of friends, family members, and interests that you’ll want to keep even after you meet your soulmate. A relationship can continue to grow when two people have some healthy hobbies and outside interests that contribute to their self-development.

Jealousy also never comes into the equation. Soulmates trust one another and are secure with their partner speaking to other men or women.

7. You’ve Met each Other’s Family and Friends

When people are serious about having you in their life for the long haul, they’ll introduce you to family and friends. These people play an important role in your partner’s life and they’ll want you to feel included in it.

8. Your Sex Life is Good

When two people are comfortable and communicate regularly with each other, that usually translates well in the bedroom as well. If you and your partner are considerate of each other’s needs and make time for sex, then you are probably soulmates.

You’re also open to spicing things up and know how to make your partner feel cared for and loved during romantic time.

9. You Respect Each Other’s Differences

You and a soulmate will not have everything in common.

While you may share many interests and values, you may differ a bit when it comes to political views, parenting styles, and who your favorite rock band is.

This doesn’t mean you should break up with them. In a soulmate partnering, each person is willing to listen and respect the other person’s opinions.

Hearing someone else’s perspective adds to your growth and can lead you to think about the world and life in a whole new way.

10. You Feel it in Your Gut

Many people who have met “the one” will tell you that they just knew it instinctively. When everything feels right and you and your partner are in a great place to be in a relationship, everything about it just flows and leads to the next logical step.

Likewise, when something doesn’t feel right about a person there’s usually a reason for it.

Always listen to your intuition when you meet someone, as it will never let you down. With soulmates, there are usually no major red flags.

Soulmate or Life Partner?

Keep in mind that a soulmate isn’t always a romantic partner that we’re attracted to. A soulmate can be in the form of a friend, coworker, family member, or even a pet.

Anyone we feel a deep connection with and are comfortable with can technically be defined as a soulmate.

Some people also feel that there is a difference between a soulmate and a life partner. Here is more information on this distinction and knowing the difference.

Know the Soulmate Signs

Knowing the ten soulmate signs above can help you make better decisions in dating and knowing if your partner is right for a long-term relationship. If you believe that your soulmate exists, then you’re already halfway there to attracting them into your life!

If you’ve found your soulmate and want to learn new ways of keeping the relationship healthy and romantic, check out our latest relationship posts!

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