What Does Salesforce Do? A Guide for Businesses

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Salesforce is considered one of the leaders in customer relationship management. 

It helps over 150,000 customers to maximize results for sales, service, and marketing.

Is your business looking for help to take your sales, customer service, and marketing to the next level? Are you asking what does Salesforce do?

Keep reading to find out.

What Does Salesforce Do?

First, we need to ask what is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a provider of CRM, or Customer Relationship Management. CRM should be at the heart of any company. To sell your product or service you need a good relationship with your customers. 

CRM is often used to refer to the programs a company uses to tackle this. Salesforce utilizes cloud computing to centralize all your resources, data, and software in one place. 

Its service includes products and solutions for customers and employees, from customer service and sales to analytics and integration.

This year, it announced its new technology 360 Digital, which aims to help businesses take storm in the new COVID world of being remote and online. 

What Is Salesforce Used For?

Salesforce is used to engage with your customers and build better relationships. It will help your business grow right from lead generation to sales and aftercare. It also helps you make sense of all your data. 

It can be used for any business or industry, with a range of applications. 


Salesforce targets customers and potential customers with engaging and relevant digital marketing. Your team can create and manage content in the marketing cloud for email, social media, and personalization.

It also stores and helps analyze your customers’ data, helping you identify what works, what doesn’t, and where your customers are.


Once you have your customers’ interest, you need to sell to them. Get to know your clients’ needs, office solutions specific to them, and increase sales productivity and income. You can also automate repetitive tasks to close sales faster. 


It’s commerce solutions bring together your B2B and B2C buying experience. Use AI to personalize shopping and deliver continuous innovations with new technology. 

Customer Service

Aftercare is important to keep the customer happy and loyal. Improve customer support and solve issues faster by unifying all your different support channels. Nobody gets missed or forgotten. 

Employee Connectivity

It can be hard to work together but be apart. Salesforce can help integrate all of your different teams into one centralized place. They can seamlessly share information and files, contact each other, and keep moving forward.


Salesforce gives your business a centralized intelligence platform. It brings all your data together in one place. Your team can then create visual representations such as graphs and charts to help understand and present the data. 

Industry-Specific Uses

Salesforce also provides products and services for specific industries. They can benefit from all the usual Salesforce products and extras to help them perform better in their sector. 

Financial Services

There is a range of products available for the financial industry. Whether you’re a banker, insurance agent, advisor, or executive.


Salescare provides services for emergency responders, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and other healthcare providers. It also serves individuals with health insurance plans and memberships. 


Salesforce can bring all the parts of the manufacturing process together. Manage each step centrally to increase visibility across agreement specifics such as pricing, lead times, and product status as well as operations and AI-driven aftercare.

Consumer Goods

Empower field reps with greater efficiency when scheduling store visits. Provide them with location information and estimated meeting times. Streamline inventory audits, compliance, and data capturing.

Government and Aerospace

Salesforce has tools to help government agencies and contractors manage their Covid-19 response. There are products to help both local and state governments, defense agencies, and the aerospace sector.


Engage employees with skills-based volunteering opportunities. Help them create and manage fundraising campaigns and events and keep track of your social impact all in one place.

Salesforce Benefits 

Along with its many products, Salesforce is incredibly user friendly. They have multiple integration options to bring everything you could possibly need into one space where you and your team can keep an eye on it with ease.


They have segmented their website to help you find the information specific to your business. You can then create a package of products (or apps) that suit your companies needs. 

For example, you can sort and find services by:

  • Business type
    • small
    • nonprofit
    • startup)
  • Role
    • digital
    • marketing
    • IT
    • and more
  • Need
    • COVID response
    • sustainability
    • productivity
    • and more
  • Industry
    • transportation
    • hospitality
    • media
    • communications
    • government
    • healthcare & life sciences
    • and more

There are other Salesforce advantages too. Every product and industry page on their website is accompanied by demos, an FAQ, and a live chat function.

They also have a huge resource center, which can again be filtered through topic, role, industry, or content type.

It includes a blog, articles, podcasts, guides, research, reports, videos, and webinars. Current topics include reopening your business safely, digital transformation, and customer engagement. 


With the AppExchange, you can bring products outside of Salesforce into Salesforce. It’s like the marketplace on your phone. Integrate everything and anything into your existing Salesforce platform. 

For example, electronic signature software, accounting apps, project management, and more. 

Salesforce Consultants

There are even companies out there that specialize in helping you set up, maintain, and get the most out of Salesforce. 

Visit this website to see how a company like Cutopia can assist. 

Find More Business Advice

So, what does Salesforce do? It does absolutely everything you need. At its core, it’s a CRM that boosts your business, but with all, it’s extra services and integrations it becomes so much more. 

Find even more great tips and business advice in the business section of our website and find us on social media. 

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