Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Must-Have Business Traveler Equipment

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Did you know that in 2017 there were 462 million business trips taken in the United States?

It’s no wonder that with this many business trips travelers are looking to have what they need to still be able to work comfortably while they travel.

Are you a frequent business traveler?

Keep reading for this must-have business traveler equipment items of 2019.

Travel Smarter, Not Harder: Must-Have Business Traveler Equipment

Traveling for business can actually become more of a chore if you’re not prepared. It might sound glamorous but it can be the opposite unless you are ready with the right traveler equipment. Check out the following must-haves to make your next business trip a breeze.


If your job requires you to scan documents then this is perfect for you during your travels. It’s cordless and battery operated so you can scan up to 100 pages from wherever you are. 

It’s simple to use. You slide the document you want to scan through the machine and it saves the files automatically. The document saves on either the internal memory or on an SD card. 

Later on, you can download the documents on your tablet, laptop or desktop. There is an easy to use IRIScan app where you can convert the document into a Word, Excel or a PDF file. After you convert it into the file you want you can email them from the app.

All the business cards you collect from those you meet during your travels you can scan them with this and store the information. 

MacBook Keyboard Cover

Purchasing an Apple laptop is an investment that you want to protect during your travels. This keyboard cover will keep your keyboard safe whether you’re sitting at the airport or a hotel lobby. While your laptop is open the keyboard is exposed to food, dust, and spills.

This apple keyboard cover makes your life easier if you were to spill something by accident. You can remove the flexible silicone cover as soon as something spills and clean that instead of trying to salvage your keyboard. 


During your travels, you want to be organized. There are so many small things you need such as laptop chargers, phone chargers, battery banks, battery bank chargers, keys, credit cards, passports, etc. While you have the option to stuff everything into your bookbag or carry on why give yourself more work?

This is why this must-have is the perfect solution for you to have everything in one place and tangle free. While you’re going through security this will also make your life easier because you won’t accidentally set off metal detectors you will have everything together in one place.

Lexicon Hardside Carry-On Luggage

This carry-on is perfect for the business traveler because it’s light, large enough to pack everything without checking a bag in and it has a USB port to charge while you’re on the go. This suitcase weighs 7 pounds and it’s divided into two sections inside. 

Traveling with only carry-on luggage saves you time because you can check yourself in at a kiosk and go straight to security and then your flight. Once you land it’s also easier you bring your bag down from the overhead, get off the plane and leave. You don’t have to wait to pick up your bag anywhere.

The Grommet 

If you’re traveling for business you might want to keep your shoes shiny and clean for your meetings or just in case you bump into someone important. This is the perfect portable shoe shine kit to keep your shoes polished and presentable. 

The grommet includes two polish shoe sticks and a horsehair brush to buff your shoes. The kit is small enough to fit in your carry on and best of all it’s TSA approved so you can have it in your carry-on luggage if you normally don’t check in your bags.


While you’re traveling carrying your reading glasses can become a hassle keeping them from bending or breaking. This must-have travel equipment bends and folds into 2-3″. The glasses come with a case that attached to any hard, flat surface including your phone. 

You can stick the case to wherever you choose and know that you have a pair of reading glasses stored safely. You can even carry the small thin case in your pocket if you’re on the run.

The case is as small as a credit card and its thickness is two nickels combined. So yes it’s that convenient and light to carry around.

Pebble P1 Pro

This portable charger is perfect for the jet setter. It has two USB outputs which allow you to charge two devices at the same time without having to wait. Its large power bank will charge your Samsung Galaxy up to 3 times and your iPhone 7 up to 5 times before having to charge the bank again.

The Pebble P1 Pro can be charged with any micro USB cable in case you forget the charging cable somewhere you can replace it without hunting down a special charging cable.

A big plus to this portable charger over other chargers is that it tells you the exact percentage left. Many portable chargers out there will die without warning. This will help you make sure that you won’t be left with no power while you’re on the go.

Travel like a Pro

Now that you have the above list of traveler equipment must-haves for your next business trip you’re ready to travel like a pro. You’ll have your perfect carry-on suitcase along with everything to stay organized and charged up. 

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