No Kids Allowed: 10 Fun, Easy, and Creative Craft Ideas (For Adults) to Try on Craft Night

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While crafting on your own might be cathartic, there’s something extra special about crafting with your adult friends. There’s nothing quite like getting your girlfriends together for a little party and creating something fun together.

It doesn’t even have to look good when you’re done. You just have to have a blast while you make it!

If you’re looking for fun party and craft ideas for adults, keep reading. We’ll give you all the ideas you could need to hold a fun party so you can craft with your friends!

Make a Splatter Painting at a Murder Mystery Themed Party

Thanks to the easy access to high-quality murder documentaries and a societal love of all things macabre, there has never been a better time for true crime fanatics. And if you count yourself among the masses who can’t get enough true crime in your life, why not throw a party that you and all of your friends will love?

All it will take is a little creative thinking, some red paint, and a few canvases for your friends to use to make a murder mystery craft party.

Celebrate with a little dark humor and fill up your canvases with fun and creepy blood spatter art as a souvenir!

Get Crafty With Wine

Do you and your friends love to relax after a hard week with a bottle of wine? If you are more than occasional wine drinkers, you probably have a whole collection of corks and wine bottles around that you plan to just trash.

But there are tons of crafts you can make with your leftover corks and wine bottles! From decorative cork boards to wine bottle hurricane jars, there’s no shortage of things you can make from your recycled wine bottles.

So throw a party with some of your girlfriends, ask everyone to bring their corks and bottles, and get crafty!

Throw an Adult Tea Party Complete with Fairy Gardens

When you think about tea parties, you probably think about little girls in dresses playing with their dolls around a table. But tea parties can be for adults too!

If your inner child wants to get dressed up and throw a tea party, give in to that urge. And while you’re at it, why not make some cute fairy gardens out of some small flower pots and some odds and ends out of the craft store?

Host a Bob Ross Bash

Thanks to a resurgence of popularity, Bob Ross is all the rage again. People of all ages are discovering or rediscovering a love for the friendly, big-haired guy who believed that painting beautiful landscapes are for everyone.

Head to the craft store and pick up enough acrylic paint and canvases for your friends. Turn on a Bob Ross episode, open up a bottle of wine, and have a good time. Not only will you discover the joy of painting, but you might learn a few things about slowing down and having a good time while you’re at it.

Fun in the Sun Beachy Craft Party

If true crime or Bob Ross doesn’t strike your fancy, you could always try something a little warmer! There’s no shortage of crafts that you can do with sand, a champagne glass, and a few seashells!

Make some beautiful votive candle holders while listening to beach music. It’ll beat the end-of-winter-blues in no time.

Moonshine and Mason Jars

The best thing about mason jars, other than all of the cute crafts you can do with them, is that they can hold a whole lot of moonshine!

There’s no shortage of crafts that you can make with mason jars. Whether you want to turn them into new planters for your indoor garden, paint them and turn them into custom glasses for your kitchen, or create decorative candle holders, mason jars make the perfect medium for all of your crafting needs.

Jam With Joy Rocks

Joy rocks are the crafting sensation that’s starting to pop up everywhere. They’re pocket-sized positivity that you can place all around the area where you live.

All it takes to make a handful of joy rocks are smooth rocks and some paint. Some people put positive messages on their joy rocks while others just paint them beautiful colors. Either way, getting your friends together for a joy rock painting session and then going out together to place them around town is a great way to get your craft on.

Galentine’s Day Projects

If you’re single during the month of February, it can be frustrating when everything seems to be red and pink and geared towards happy couples. Valentine’s Day can be crap for a single person.

But if you’ve got girlfriends in the same boat as you, now’s the perfect time to get together and celebrate your love for each other!

You can decorate with heart shaped paper plates, pour some champagne, and start creating things together.

Fun With Wooden Pallets

Like mason jars, there are few things quite as versatile as wooden pallets. You can make almost anything out of them from gorgeous wall hangings to end tables and everything in between.

If you’re in the mood for some rustic-themed crafting, pick up some pallets and burlap and go to town.

Soap-er Bowl Funday!

While the guys can get together for the big game and eat tailgate food and shout at the TV, you and the girls can have a different kind of day. A great DIY craft that often gets overlooked is the simple art of making soap!

It’s easy to see the complicated process of adding just the right amount of lye and get intimidated by the process of making handmade soap. But there are other methods of pouring and making soap that don’t involve interacting with lye at all.

Throw a Party With Craft Ideas for Adults!

There are tons more craft ideas for adults out there, but these are our personal favorites. The next time you decide to have a get together with a group of your friends, consider adding some crafting into the mix! A little alcohol, a few friends, and some craft glue sounds like a dynamite mix.

And if you don’t manage to throw together a craft, some laughs will almost certainly result.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to DIY your way into some fun, check out this article next!


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