Improve a Weak Digital TV Signal

Top 5 Ways to Improve a Weak Digital TV Signal

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If you are following the trends, you have cut ties with your cable provider. The next step is setting up a digital TV signal. This is an excellent alternative to cable that provides free television content.

However, with a poor signal, you are no better off than you were. If you are wondering how to get better TV reception, read on. 

Sometimes a weak digital TV signal is a simple fix and other issues need a professional opinion. This guide points out five of the most popular fixes for poor TV signals. 

1. Change the Location of Antenna

Changing the location of the antenna is one of the best ways to improve TV signal.   Whether you have an indoor antenna or a rooftop aerial device, start with the placement. 

Most TVs have a signal meter. When you run a channel scan, check the signal meter for each channel. As you move the antenna, look for the place with the cleanest and highest signal. 

After some trial and error, you will find a sweet spot that has a quality signal for all channels. 

2. Avoid Signal Blocking Objects

Keeping the location in mind, TV reception is not only about the height of the antenna. An issue that may hinder your reception is signal obstructions. 

These obstructions could be dense trees or tall buildings. If they are near the face of your antenna, these objects can interfere with your signal. 

To remedy the problem, position the face of your antenna in the direction with an open view. The clearer the view for the antenna, the better signal it will catch.

If you are having trouble locking in a clean signal, you should call a technician. Nu-Life TV Antenna Service will run reception fault-finding tests to diagnose the problems. 

3. The Quality of Coaxial Cable Matters

Even if you buy a top-of-the-line antenna, you may still be losing signal with other inferior aspects of your set up. The coaxial cable plays an important role in improving digital TV signal. 

There are several options, but the best cables are high gauge with copper insulation. A high-quality coaxial will reduce the drop-off in reception from your antenna to the TV. 

4. Limit the Splitters

A cable splitter is a valuable device that allows you to run more than one TV from an antenna. 

However, every time you split the cable to another TV, you lose some quality of the reception. A splitter won’t affect two or three TVs, but, if you are trying to split the antenna to every TV in the house, the signal will weaken.

If you want to run more than three TVs, it’s worth setting up multiple antennas. For the strongest signal, limit the number of splitters used.  

5. Consider a Masthead Amplifier

If you aren’t having any luck with these fixes, you should consider a masthead amplifier.

A masthead amplifier is a device used to boost the TV signal of the antenna. As this is the case, the amplifier will have the best results if installed at the highpoint with an aerial antenna. The more powerful your antenna signal becomes, the better reception your TV will have.

A masthead amplifier requires a power source from a coaxial cable. Therefore, this could be an installation that requires a professional antenna technician. 

Improve Your Digital TV Signal

It’s more than likely one of these common issues is resulting in your weak reception. Use the tips in this guide to improve your digital TV signal. In no time, you’ll have a picture-perfect reception. 

If you found this article useful, keep an eye on the blog for more tech tips. 

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