Build a Recognizable Brand

5 Tips on How to Build a Recognizable Brand

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Building a recognizable brand is one of the most valuable assets your business can have. Up to 59% of consumers would rather purchase something from a brand they have heard of than one they have not – even if the price is lower.

Unfortunately, if you have a relatively new or small business and brand, you may wonder how you can turn it into a recognizable brand.

If that is the case, you are in the right place. Use the tips here to ensure consumers recognize your brand.

1. Define the Brand’s Purpose

Every successful brand – big and small – have a powerful purpose behind it. It would help if you had this, as well.

The purpose is why you are waking up each day and loving what you get to do. To define the purpose of your brand, consider these questions:

  • Why does the brand exist?
  • What sets the brand apart?
  • What problem does your brand solve?
  • Why should people care about your brand?

When you answer these questions, you have a foundation for your future branding efforts.

2. Research the Competition

While you don’t want to imitate what bigger and more successful brands do, you should consider what they are doing well and where they fail.

For example, with your business signage. Banners and vinyl signage are great, but they can’t compare with the impact of reverse lit channel letter signs. Consider what the competition is doing, then do it better (if it is working).

3. Figure Out Who Your Target Audience Is

When building your brand, you have to know who you are targeting. Your brand is never going to be everything to everyone.

You should keep in mind who you are trying to reach. By doing this, tailor your message and mission to their precise needs.

Get as specific as you can. Doing this will ensure that your messaging reaches the right audience and that it resonates with them.

4. Create a Mission Statement for Your Brand

Have you given much thought to your brand’s mission? You need to create a clear statement that outlines what the business is most passionate about.

This is the “why” and the reason you are getting up every day.

Before you will be able to create a brand that your audience trusts, you must know what kind of value your brand has to offer. This is accomplished by creating a mission statement.

5. Define the Biggest Benefits of Your Brand

There will always be businesses that are bigger, and that have larger marketing budgets. However, you have services, benefits, and products that are exclusively yours.

Put the focus on the benefits and qualities that make your branding more unique.

Now You Know How to Build a Recognizable Brand

If you are ready to build a recognizable brand, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. These will help you create a brand that people know and love.

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