Purchasing CBD Products Safely Online

6 Tips for Purchasing CBD Products Safely Online

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Have you heard about CBD? It’s derived from the hemp plant and is beloved because it isn’t intoxicating. Many people seek out CBD as a natural alternative for their health concerns.

But when you’re purchasing CBD products online, it’s hard to know what is and isn’t safe. Some sellers aren’t reputable, and others might carry harmful products. So how can you tell if a product or seller is safe?

In this article, we’ll help you figure that out. Keep reading for 6 tips for buying CBD online!

1. Read the Reviews First

Before trying any new brand or product, it’s always wise to read customer reviews. Not only will you learn in-depth information about specific products, but also about the company.

Online customer reviews might help you determine whether a brand is worth buying. Look for reviews posted on the brand’s website, as well as third-party review sites.

2. Look For Any Health Claims

Have you found a CBD brand claiming their products are a cure? You should avoid it! Scientists don’t know enough about the benefits of CBD yet to back these claims.

Plus, the FDA hasn’t approved any over-the-counter CBD products. So if you find an online CBD store making any health claims, the brand might be illegitimate. A genuine company won’t break any federal rules.

3. Check Where It Comes From

If you’re purchasing CBD products online, you need to be wary of everything. To stay safe, check out where a company sources its CBD.

Find answers to questions like:

  • Is the CBD sourced from hemp (legal online) or cannabis (illegal online)?
  • Where are the plants grown?
  • What type of fertilizers or pesticides are used?

4. Learn About Their Process

If possible, you should learn about how the makers of different CBD products extract their CBD. Knowing the extraction process helps you stay protected against bogus brands.

When CBD gets extracted with harmful chemicals like butane or ethanol, it might have some lingering toxins. One of the best extraction methods is with CO2, but it’s costly.

5. Always Read the Labels

Reading product labels goes beyond the grocery store. You should always be in this habit, no matter what you’re buying. The labels on products keep you informed.

For example: let’s say you’re looking for the best CBD drinks to try. The label will tell you about the ingredients, as well as the correct dosage amount.

6. Find Lab Test Results

Did you know you can find third-party lab test results for different CBD products? Sometimes the online CBD store will share them, or you can find them through your own research.

These tests keep consumers safe because they help prove authenticity. You’ll learn if it contains toxins (and how many) and how potent it is.

Be Safe When Purchasing CBD Products

If you’re interested in purchasing CBD products online, it’s important to be cautious. Illegitimate or careless sellers can pose a serious risk to your health with their products. Keep these 6 tips in mind, and you’ll always stay safe!

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