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Promoting Your Business: 5 Tips for Awesome Trade Show Displays

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Participating in a trade show is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. It’s an invaluable way to market to a target audience and create brand awareness.

While online marketing continues to dominate the world of advertising, don’t discount all the leads you can garner from one afternoon spent at a tradeshow.

They’ll be some of your most fruitful leads, too, because they’re likely to be in your niche.

Let’s take a look at five tips that’ll help you maximize every one of your trade show displays.

1. Make It As Interactive As Possible

Is there some way of incorporating a game or activity into your trade show exhibit?

Getting potential customers to interact with your product will make it memorable to them. This cues you up for a successful sales pitch.

Is a game or activity too kitschy for your brand? Then what sort of digital interface can you create?

Is there some sort of “design your own…” program you could set up and allow customers to experiment with?

2. Pay Attention to Your Graphics

Now, more than ever, you want to make sure your branding is on point.

Is your logo fully designed and ready to be unveiled? Do you have a bright, bold banner to display?

What you really want is to rent or build an exhibit that’ll steal the show.

A simple tabletop display with a banner, table, and chairs is a perfectly acceptable place to start.

When you’re ready, think about dreaming big with a multi-platform, fully-interactive booth.

Check out this double-deck, circular exhibit. If that’s not eye-catching, we don’t know what is!

Also, have enough business cards to hand out to every customer you meet. Click here to design your own with one of the best companies in the business.

3. Avoid Clutter in Trade Show Displays

This is so important. When looking at your tabletops, display only what will help you sell your product.

Clutter will neither attract nor impress potential clients.

Allow your customers to proceed forward through a clean space, perhaps over to that interactive touch screen or video.

4. Have a Designated Space for Conversation

While budgeting demands might constrain your vision, see if you can create a small space for conversation.

Is it possible to rent furniture for the day and have a seating area where you can comfortably discuss your goods and services?

If you’re really looking to make an impression, try to set up a classy tea service station or tray of light refreshments.

5. Choose Your Staff Wisely

The best trade show displays, the brightest graphics, and the most interactive experiences mean nothing if you don’t have your strongest salespeople on the floor.

All these design tips are meant to entice visitors. The work doesn’t really begin until you have someone standing in your booth.

Once you have some visitors, you want to be able to answer all their questions in an informative, casual manner.

Make it a truly memorable experience they’re likely to go home and think about by taking only your best.

Finally, Always Put Your Best Foot Forward!

No matter your business goals, UpGifs has some encouragement and support for you.

If your first trade show wasn’t a total hit, take a look at this piece on moving forward and then get ready to employ these five steps.

If you keep at it, personal and professional success is yours for the taking.

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