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10 Stunning Shipping Container Home Designs You Have to See to Believe

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Container home designs are the newest trend to hit the home decor scene. Not only are they cheap and quick to put together, but they’re also eco-friendly. These homes allow you to express your creativity; no two container houses look the same.

If you’re looking to live off the grid, container home are a great choice since they are easily portable.

When interviewed, 61.5% of people said that they wanted to live in a container home and thought it was a great idea. After all, when it’s all said and done, these designs look like a creative house rather than a metal rectangle.

We’ve collected the ten most incredible container home designs that will blow your mind. Some of these homes will have you hard pressed to believe they’re made from metal shipping containers.

Container Home Designs That Will Make You Want to Move Right In

A container home is a building, home, or office that someone made from a shipping container. These containers are often made

If you’re intrigued by container home designs, then this article is going to knock your socks off. Reader beware, by the time you finish this post, you might just want to buy a container and build your dream home.

1. Containers of Hope

Owner and visionary, Benjamin Garcia Saxe combined two, forty-foot containers to create this spacious, 1,000 sq ft home on the tropical island of San Jose, Costa Rica. Hard to believe this incredible design only cost him $40,000.

2. Home on Wheels

For those of you who want to travel without leaving your home, there’s a solution: get a shipping container on wheels. It’s often cheaper than paying rent for a small apartment.

Attach your container to a trailer and pull your home around you wherever you go. Ditch real estate taxes and see the world!

3. Stackable Modern Container Homes

This untraditional shipping container home consists of way more than just container. The mix of materials gives it a modern look, and the inside is so jaw-droppingly beautiful you must see it to believe it. The owner and builder of the house clearly poured tons of money and thought into the design.

The owner of this home sold it for a whopping half of million dollars. He took the money and ran off to build a more private shipping container home that wouldn’t bring so much attention.

4. CCasa Hostel

What’s better than one shipping container? A bunch of them!

The CCasa hostel in Nha Trang, Vietnam is in the middle of a tropical paradise right off the beach. This design hosts a ton of multi-functional spaces but mostly, these modest shipping containers house minimally furnished dormitories where you’ll find sleepy vacationers and backpackers from all over the world. 5.

5. The Colorado Container House

Anchored to a rocky cliff in the hills of Nederland, Colorado you’ll find the 1500 sq ft Container House. It was an experiment on decreasing the average U.S. home size while executing environmentally sensible strategies.

Throughout the building process, they’ve implemented recycled materials, green roofs, and photovoltaics.

6. Shipping Container Terminal in Tel Aviv

Looking to attract customers? Turn your business into a creatively shaped shipping container.

Tel Aviv studio Potash Architects brought the Shipping Container Terminal in Tel Aviv to life in this innovative design because they wanted to reflect their industrial seafront location. What’s a better way to do that then build it from the very same material they use?

What you’ll notice first about this design, even before the bright colors, is the angle at which one container is precariously balanced on the another.

7. Casa Incubo

This incredibly bright and enormous home design is truly a feat or architecture. Located in sunny Costa Rice, this eight-piece shipping container home seems to go on and…and on.

For a home made of solid metal, the design includes so much natural light. The most amazing part of this design is the giant cedar tree-that lives right in the middle of the home.

Instead of cutting down the tree, the designer included it, building around it. Get ready for it to blow your mind, see all the house’s features here.

8. Ecuadorian Container Home

In Pichincha, Ecuador you’ll find a unique and innovative container home design created by the architectural power couple, Daniel Moreno Flores and Sebastian Calero.

They used seven 20-foot shipping containers and one 40-foot container to form their home which can be incredibly disassembled and moved whenever they feel like a change of scenery. The design is truly astonishing.

9. The Guest House

Need a guest house but don’t want the hassle of a huge construction project? Consider a small shipping container guest house.

That’s exactly what a local Texas architect, Jim Poteet did. He took one 40-ft shipping container and crafted it into an incredible, yet minimalist, 320 ft guest home. More details, here.

10. Home Within a Home

We left the best for last…a shipping container home within a shipping container home. Owners and designers Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan are anything but ordinary, and their house truly reflects it.

They’ve proved that whether you need an extra guest room, an office, or a walk-in closet you can avoid construction, and just add in a shipping container. What an easy way to make additions to your home.

What Design Would You Choose?

Would you leave your home to move into one of these container home designs? With all of these incredible designs, it’s hard to say no to such a low cost, eco-friendly, and easy home option.

Craving more design ideas? Check out our blog for more articles like the 10 Best Home Designers for further inspiration.

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