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10 Best Home Designers of All Time

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People spend more money on decorating their homes than on several other facets of their day-to-day lives. They spend more money on making their houses look prettier and more en-vogue than they spend on making themselves look chic.

And this is not just older generations, either. Trends show that millennials are spending more money on home renovation and decorations than ever before.

While several of us rely on things like magazines and Pinterest to become home designers and find inspirations, there are plenty of people in the field to pull inspiration from.

Scroll down for some interior design delights. Here are the top ten interior designers you should be pulling from to make your own space an earthly delight.

1. The Queen of Home Designers: India Mahdavi

India Mahdavi is a 56-year-old genius. She found a lot of her design roots from her home: Tehran, Iran.

Now based in one of the best interior design firms in Paris, her work is often compared to the bright and bold color choices of Henri Matisse. She uses colors that are not only rich but complementary and aesthetically pleasing. This is true in both the residential and commercial spaces she creates. Click here to see an example of a color palette similar to Mahdavi’s.

People often say that her work makes them feel simultaneously at home and in a whole other world. She has done work from Asia to Europe to the Middle East, and all around the world.

2. The Poster Boy: Nate Berkus

It is unlikely that you will run into someone in the interior design business who does not know Nate Berkus’s name.

Not only does Nate teach people easy contemporary design on his TV show, but he also has a line of his top interior designs at Target.

Unlike Mahdavi who uses bold color choices to define a room: Berkus tends to be more drawn towards neutral colors and palettes. He is also a big fan of natural materials: wicker, cotton, linen, and leather are all found on his show and in his Target line.

Berkus is also a big fan of upcycling. You will often find a lot of his pieces taken from scrap metal yards and other places and transformed until beautiful furniture and conversation pieces.

3. The Hollywood Hotline: Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner is not as big a name as Nate Burkus. But that doesn’t mean you should cut him out.

Being born and raised in California, Turner pulls a lot of his inspiration from the state’s look and aesthetic. And in doing so, has really made his mark as one of the best interior design firms on the coast.

Originally from the Bay Area, and now living in LA, this designer relies on the simplicity and cleanliness California is known for. And his West Coast looks have paid off. From Mindy Kaling to Elizabeth Hammer to Armie, his list of celebrity A-listers wanting him to design their homes is only growing.

4. The Wonder Twins: Ashe + Leandro

When Ariel Ashe originally began interior design, it was as a set designer for films and movies. At the same time, Reinaldo Leandro was building his name as a powerhouse architect in New York City.

With their powers combined, they started Ashe + Leandro, which found and successfully mixes luxury with natural materials. They make spaces seem well decorated, and yet somehow, open.

They have had their fair share of celebrity projects as well, including, Liev Schreiber and Seth Meyers.

5.The Wild Child: Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. And a lot of that classic American charm comes through in her work.

Bunny has the skill to take classic comfort and make it fun. She is known for mixing elements, i.e., ancient antiques and bold bright art pieces.

Her ability to find a balance between classic aesthetics and the avant-garde is truly a sight to behold.

6. Nothing But Class: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler’s reputation started in the California hotel industry. After seeing her skills, it didn’t take too much time for this star to become one of the most sought out and famous interior designers in the world.

Wearstler’s decoration skills make you feel as though you stepped into classic Hollywood. Her brand and style are refined, sophisticated, and timeless.

She has decorated homes, mansions, and luxury hotels around the globe.

7. The Wunderkind: Ryan Korban

Most people in interior decor and design will tell you it takes quite some time to climb your way up the ladder to fame.

Ryan Korban is an exception to this rule. As someone who began to make it big in his early 30s, he is the anomaly.

It could be due to his eye or signature look of muted colors and geometric forms, but Korban is a growing powerhouse.

Designing personal spaces and stores for famed names like Aquazzura, Balenciaga, and Alexander Wang, Korban is only at the beginning of what looks like a very long and successful career.

8. The Man’s Man: Shawn Henderson

Shawn Henderson is a New York City-based designer. He is known for interiors that are clean cut and sophisticated.

The way he works in natural materials makes him a hot commodity for several A-list male celebrities. His past projects have included working on different spaces for both Will Ferrell and Tate Taylor.

9. The All-American: Jeffrey Bilhuber

Although Bilhuber is a bit of a chameleon, his work can be defined by his staple all-American take on decoration.

He often relies heavily on making spaces inviting and comfortable, but simultaneously crisp and organized. And he has had some big clients. From David Bowie to Anna Winter [the queen of fashion], several famous folks have put their trust into Bilhuber’s ability to making any space feel like home.

10. The Runaway: Darryl Carter

Darryl Carter was never on the typical path to becoming one of the top interior designers in contemporary times. Stemming from Washington, D.C., this genius designer began his career as a lawyer.

Perchance it is this background that brought so much inspiration into his decorating spaces. Much like Henderson, Carter is known for the masculine gusto he can add to a room.

His rooms are often filled with large wooden silhouettes, few accessories, and in white spaces.

But do not let their simplicity throw you for a loop: Carter can make any room welcoming and a space you want to be in.

Home Design on Your Time

If you are looking for inspiration for your own pad, these home designers are a great place to start.

But do you know how these designers became so good? They were not afraid to take risks, and they were able to put themselves into their work.

Your home is exactly that: yours. Do not be afraid to add a bit of bold color or some obscure pieces to the mix.

Who knows? Maybe your decorating skills will make you one of the most sought out designers soon enough.

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