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8 Brilliant Online Marketing Solutions to Help Your Cannabis Dispensary Thrive

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Online marketing solutions can stoke the business at your cannabis dispensary. They help sell your products, your expertise, and the cannabis solutions you offer.

60% of customers will check out your social media accounts. 25% of Instagram’s advertisements are now in video format and growing. 86% of consumers look up the location of a business on Google Maps.

Have you optimized your use of social media? Do you create engaging videos for your brand? Did you know that you can update and edit your Google business listing?

Here are 8 online marketing solutions that will help your dispensary thrive!

#1: Websites That Sell You

First thing’s first, you need a killer website. Your website shouldn’t only be a place customers go for information. The site needs to sell for you.

But your website shouldn’t just sell your quality cannabis products. It needs to sell your expertise, your brand, and your solutions to customers. It should sell you as a sherpa guiding them through the Himalayas of the cannabis industry.

Scratch that! You’re not any old sherpa. You’re the Sirdar, the wisest of all the sherpas. You’re the one your customers can trust most to find products that will serve their needs.

Websites are also common avenues for providing information in b2b web marketing. The format allows you to write detailed information product development, features, and distribution. You can create targeted sales funnels for resale opportunities.

#2: Blogs That Grow Audiences

A blog is a great way to show your expertise and provide customers with up-to-date information. It can also improve your search ranking. Your product offering and company information don’t usually change weekly.

That leaves existing customers very little reason to visit your website. But they keep buying from you because they like you. They trust you, respect what you have to say, and will come back to read your blog posts.

If you need some help on how set this up, check out this blog. They have a wide range of posts that should give you some ideas.

#3: Emails That Convert

Your website and your blog are the perfect places to ask for email addresses. You can grow your email list by asking for emails in exchange for an offer. Offer a small discount, an ebook, or even a PDF with valuable information.

You can also offer a newsletter, notification of a new blog post, or let them know about current sales. An email is a valuable direct link to your customers. Don’t abuse it, but definitely make use of it. Make subscribers aware of new products or upcoming events at your dispensary.

#4: Social Media That Engages

Sharing information about your business, products, and content on social media makes sense. But customers don’t only want a collection of spammy messages and spin coming from your account. They’re looking for engagement too.

You need to create content on social media that moves your audience to respond. Engagement with customers is more valuable than a photo, description, and sales copy.

Businesses often only post messages like, “Check out our new product” or “Try this to cure all your problems.” It seems like this is a highlight of Digital Marketing for Business 101. That strategy is good for some posts, but not EVERY SINGLE POST.

How would you like to climb Everest for two months with a sherpa that keeps yelling, “Follow me on Facebook!” “Check out my website!” or “Subscribe to my newsletter!”?

No, you want someone to help you get up the mountain. You want a guide that sits around the campfire with you and tells stories of their experiences. Be the Sirdar that guides your customer and offers wisdom on cannabis options.

#5: Influencers That Help

Seek out influencers that can help your brand. Start with accounts in the cannabis industry that have a high number of followers. Look for those who can easily promote your products if they wish to do so.

But please don’t let your first contact be a request to promote your dispensary. Remember there’s a person running that account.

Follow them for a while. Comment on their posts. Provide your expertise to other commenters. Influencers will appreciate the value you add to their platform.

Offer to collaborate. Write a guest post for their blog if they accept them. Ask them if you can share your expertise on their podcast.

These steps alone will benefit your web engagement. Members of their audience will find you. They’ll become your followers.

If they offer paid posts or advertisements, you can buy one of those to gain broader exposure. If not, you can also just provide information they might find interesting and ask them to share it. But you have to be okay with it if they say no.

#6: PPC Campaigns That Expand Your Reach

Pay Per Click Ads are like the cheat codes of digital advertising strategies. They’re your “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Start” for unlocking a whole new audience.

PPC campaigns cost money. And not always just for clicks. Impressions (number of views) are sometimes also changed. But PPC ads allow you to get attention from users who may have never found your products otherwise.

Advertisers and social media offer PPC ads that can target specific demographics. You can filter down to a group with specific interests, live in certain ZIP Codes, or even by job.

You can also do PPC ads on search engine searches for certain keywords. Some dispensaries create ads for specific websites. You can target specific ads about products, your dispensary’s location, or your knowledge.

PPC campaigns are best run by professionals or after doing extensive research. You wouldn’t want to get a lot of clicks and no conversions. PPC can quickly become the most expensive part of your digital advertising strategy.

#7: Video Content That Captivates

Nothing captures the attention like video. With video, you can demonstrate a product, show of your expertise, or even tell a dramatic story.

Video has extraordinary potential to “go viral.” Clever titles and headlines can draw your audience to watch the video. Customers get to see you (or another member of your team if you’re camera-shy).

65% of the population claims to be visual learners. Videos links on YouTube or other websites are shareable. Instead of using graphics for ads, try video animation.

You don’t need expensive equipment to get started with video. Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are 100% phone recordings.

#8: Business Listings That Bring Them In

Remember the Yellow Pages? You might still receive a phone book now and then. But you’re not using it, and neither are your customers.

They’re searching for your location online. Google has robust business listings. You need to capitalize on your dispensary’s listing.

Verify your business listing. This allows you to log in to Google and edit it. You can update your hours, upload photos and videos, and link your website and social media. When customers leave reviews, you can also respond.

Try These Online Marketing Solutions

Looks like you’ve got work to do! Optimize your website to close sales, share your expertise, and provide good information. Engage with your customers on social media. Create captivating videos that advertise your dispensary. We can help.

Start using these online marketing solutions today. Many of them are free to employ. Become a Sirdar in the cannabis industry that your customers can trust to get them where they want to go!

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